Year by Year: Traditional Anniversary Gifts

When it comes to anniversary gifts by year, there’s a lot of noise out there. That’s because the UK has their own set of traditions, while anniversary gift ideas in the US evolved differently. And then there’s the so-called “modern” set of anniversary gifts by year, which of course originated within the jewelry industry for entirely selfish reasons.

With so many customs and traditions falling prey to the march of time and technology, The Giftler tends to favor more traditional gift ideas for anniversaries. It’s a great opportunity to affirm your marriage as something that’s not subject to the fickle whims of today’s popular trends.

In any event, here’s the full list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts, from the 1st anniversary gift through the 90th!

The List: Anniversary Gifts & Ideas by Year!

AnniversaryMaterialGift Ideas
1stPaperArtwork, maps, tickets, books, coupons, calligraphy classes, playing cards, stationery, cold hard cash.
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2ndCottonClothes, socks, ties, hammocks, blankets, sheets, pillows, robes, napkins, pajamas, Q-tips.
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3rdLeatherBelts, wallets, purses, gloves, jackets, messenger bag, furniture, basketballs, footballs, chaps.
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4thFlowersBouquets, ikebana classes, paper flowers, any flowering plant, herbal teas, original Monet paintings.
5thWoodBowls, tables, cutting boards, citrus trees, chairs, beds, wood audio speakers, a ski cabin.
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6thIronGolf clubs, cast iron cookware, bed frames, jewelry, horseshoes, 16th century Spanish cannon balls.
7thCopper/WoolMoscow mule mugs, flasks, jewelry, cufflinks, money clip, sweaters, blankets, brand new copper gutters.
8thBronzeJewelry, bells, cymbals, sculptures, non-sparking hammers, 3rd place Olympic gold medals.
9thPotteryHandmade coffee mugs, bowls and other dishes, lamps, vases, pottery classes, pinch pots your mom saved in the attic.
10thTin/AluminumMetal luggage, bikes, golf clubs, patio furniture, pots and pans, fancy wheel rims, vintage cans of Coke Classic.
11thSteelAppliances, silverware, cookware, tools, jewelry, bikes, samurai swords, a brand new Mercedes.
12thSilk/LinenSheets, pants, pajamas, lingerie, underwear, ties, towels, branded soy milk or almond yogurt.
13thLaceJewelry, clothes, drapes, skimpy “ooh-la-la” underwear.
14thIvoryYeah, it’s just not cool to traffic in ivory, so skip it!
15thCrystalWatches, jewelry, vases, sunglasses, wine glasses, desk accessories, copy of The Dark Crystal on VHS.
16thWaxCandles, fancy crayons, wax-sealed love letters, waxed canvas bags, designer moisturizers, ear candling kit.
17thFurnitureWood coffee tables, lounge chairs, outdoor furniture, sofas, dining tables, dressers, a rope swing.
18thPorcelainVases, bowls, plates, platters, tea kettle, coasters, cheesy little hand-painted figurines.
19thBronzeCandle holders, vases, sand wedges, wind chimes, photo frames, an original Brâncuși sculpture.
20thChinaDishes, vases, funny coffee mugs, a trip to Shanghai.
25thSilverJewelry, money clips, platters, rare coins, cufflinks, watches, vases, a stack of silver ingots.
30thPearlJewelry, pearl-glazed dishes, an oyster feast.
35thCoralJewelry, game sets carved from coral, sculptures, a scuba-diving trip to Corsica.
40thRubyFine wines, jewelry, bright red flowers, a handful of actual rubies.
45thSapphireJewelry, bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label.
50thGoldJewelry, gold bars.
55thEmeraldJewelry, trip to Ireland.
60thDiamondJewelry, diamond dust beauty products.
65thBlue SapphireJewelry, ocean cruise.
70thPlatinumJewelry, some high end dental work.
75thDiamond/GoldJewelry, jewelry, more jewelry, industrial-grade diamond-studded circular saw.
80thOakFurniture, saplings, a new front door.
85thMoonstoneJewelry, homemade moonshine (just say you’re hard of hearing and drink up).
90thStoneWhiskey stones, sculptures, fountains, “souvenirs” from Stonehenge.

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