Gifts for Coffee Lovers: 13 Ways to Spill the Beans

Last Updated:  January 3, 2018

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Coffee. It’s not as old or as widely consumed as tea, but it’s close. Finding good gifts for coffee lovers can be tricky since most folks already have a favorite routine. But fear not, we’ve assembled a list of 13 crafty and surprising coffee inspired gift options that the coffee lover in your life will surely appreciate.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers: The List!

1. Infused Coffees: The Perfect Hangover Cure?

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Infused Coffee

A subtle hint of Kentucky bourbon or Napa merlot can get the morning started right!

We all know coffee comes in many flavor profiles, from Java to Kenya to the Big Island of Hawaii. But did you know coffee also comes infused with aromatic liqueurs? Our favorites are Bourbon, Merlot, Cooper’s Whiskey & Rum, and Coffee Bruvet’s vanilla flavored bourbon. If your coffee lover enjoys a nightcap from time to time, maybe it’s time they tried a morning pick me up.

Bonus: Know someone who likes Kahlua?


2. Illustrated Mugs: For the Family That Sips Together

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Illustrated Mugs

Keep your cups straight with one for each family member!

Whether your coffee lover is a party of one or a father of five, Mary and Shelly Klein are more than happy to memorialize the family on a custom set of illustrated coffee mugs. I bet they’ll even draw dogs too! We love that the mugs are made in Arizona and then decorated in New York. 100% personal and 100% made in the USA. Order early as they’ll take a couple weeks to arrive.

And if you’re looking for a different style illustration, try: Wonderflies or West and Pine and get just the right look.


3. Coffee Necklace: Whole Beans, Never Ground

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Whole Bean Necklace

These life size pendants are hand polished and ready to dangle.

Etsy jeweler 141 Atelier handcrafts a shiny high end coffee bean necklace that’s one of our favorite gifts for lady coffee lovers. Ley Lee’s design sports a delicate bean suspended on a dainty chain, all done up in solid sterling silver. We like that these are each handmade to order in New York.

Less expensive coffee bean necklaces are available in other materials from Glitz and Love and Jush Shop.

Know someone who loves coffee and earrings? There are studs galore, made just for her!


4. Coffee and Chill: DIY Cold Brew Kit

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Coldbrew Kit

Soak it overnight, every night, for fresh cold brew every morning.

Don’t confuse cold brew coffee with iced coffee. While you can run down to your local Starbucks and walk out with an iced coffee a few minutes later, a properly homemade cup of cold brew will take 12-24 hours. It’s usually worth the wait, as cold brew has a more rounded full-bodied taste with less acidity and a more mellow coffee flavor.

This DIY cold brew kit from UncommonGoods is a great way to get a feel for how it works. It comes with everything you need to make cold brew (except the fridge) and enough coffee to get you started out right.


5. Coffee Towel: For Inevitable Fact Checks (and Spills)

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Coffee Towel

The original organic infographic! Settle all coffee disputes sans Google.

Stuart Gardiner created this quick reference infographic for all things coffee. It’s printed on The Coffee Towel: an organic cotton tea towel that measures 19″ wide by 29″ high. What percentage of coffee drinkers prefer it black? What’s the difference between Arabica and Robusta beans? What are the most often requested espresso drinks? Find answers to all your burning hot coffee questions! Of course, there’s also a Tea Towel edition.


6. Geek Out in the Morning: Academic Mugs

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Library & Math Mugs

Does he love literature or calculus? Is she a librarian or a professor?

While the classic manila library card may be on the out, its ceramic incarnation is still fresh and witty. It’s perfect for teachers, book worms of all stripes, and of course, your favorite librarian.

If your gift recipient is more of a numbers person, then the Math Mug is the answer. It’s full of equations and formulas, written in old-school chalkboard style.


7. Make Your Own Coffee Liqueur: DIY Kit

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Liqueur Infusion

Just add rum!

While infused coffees made an appearance earlier in the list, this inventive DIY coffee liqueur kit does the reverse. It’s is all about infusing your favorite rum with a whiff of vanilla, dark roast coffee, and a subtle hint of chipotle. While the rum is not included, everything else you need is assembled in Nevada and sent directly to your lucky recipient.


8. Fine Art Posters: What’s a Flat White Again?

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Modern Poster

Coffee, 25 different ways!

When it comes to finding fresh gifts for coffee lovers, Etsy is a gold mine. Hundreds of illustrators offer up their own custom take on this breakfast drink of choice. The results are an embarrassment of excellent poster designs from which to choose. How to decide? Well, we’ve narrowed it down to our five favorite coffee posters on Etsy:


9. Coffee In the Shower?

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Coffee Soap

Get clean with caffeine.

Handmade soaps come in all flavors, and coffee is no exception. Hundreds of mom and pop soap makers have staked their claim on Etsy and a quick search for “coffee soap” returns over 4,000 results. How to choose?

We love this aromatic sampler set of coffee soaps from Home Brewed Soaps out of Rockland, Maine. Melanie has been brewing her soaps up since 2010. They’re 100% natural and reasonably priced. You can also pick up just a single bar to try it out.

Also check out these creative soaps shaped like coffee beans and ones shaped like hearty pieces of coffee cake. And this coffee sugar scrub is nifty too!


10. It’s All Greek To Me: Ceramic Coffee Cup

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Ceramic Greek Cup

First appearance: 1960s New York. Next appearance: your breakfast table!

The iconic “we are happy to serve you” blue and white Greek motif once dominated the quick coffee-to-go scene in New York City. While the original was always printed on sturdy paper cups, this special updated edition is ceramic and infinitely reusable. It’s a steal at only $12, and it’s dishwasher and microwave safe too. It’s one of our favorite budget gifts for coffee lovers who already have everything else!


11. Hop Me Up: Coffee + Beer = Blended Goodness

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Beer Flavored

Brewing times two!

You might not think to pair coffee and beer, but Old Town Spice Shop has done just that, with spectacular results. Since 2012, Sean Godbey has shipped over 10,000 orders from Fort Collins, many of which included his signature Hopped Up Coffees. There’s a Black IPAWinter WarmerScottish AleChocolate Peppermint Porter, and a Sampler Pack that includes all four. We’ve noticed that shipping costs can add up, so be sure to order all your desired flavors at once. Cheers!


12. Coffee Table Books, About Coffee

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Coffee Table Books

There’s a world of coffee out there. Turn the page and explore…

Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee resides somewhere in the depths of a beautiful coffee table book. Here are our top choices for true aficionados that want to expand their knowledge and trick out their coffee table:

There’s a [easyazon_link identifier=”1535221410″ locale=”US” tag=”thet081-20″]coffee coloring book[/easyazon_link] too, of course!


13. Burnt Coffee Never Smelled So Good

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Coffee Candle

These beans burn for 100+ hours!

Cast flickering shadows and inhale the dark roast aromas well into the night with handmade coffee bean candles from Etsy shop Naturals by Nana. They’re handmade with soy wax and burn extra long and slow. Stock up and be ready the next time the power goes out!


Did We Miss Your Favorite Gifts for Coffee Lovers?

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