10th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Diamonds!

Last Updated:  January 2, 2018

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The 10th anniversary gift is traditionally something made of tin or aluminum, but diamonds are the modern equivalent and are so much more fun! Jewelry is always a solid choice, but there are other crafty ways to give diamonds that are a bit less obvious. Our favorite 10th anniversary gift ideas are explored in detail below and offer plenty of ways to celebrate this important milestone in your relationship.

Our favorite diamond anniversary gifts…

1. Herkimer Studs: Crystal Clear Quartz Earrings

Tenth Wedding Anniversary - Herkimer Studs
Herkimer diamonds are actually made of top quality quartz.

If your budget is closer to forty bucks than four thousand, you can’t beat Herkimer diamonds, which shine almost as bright as the real thing. These stunning studs are one of Etsy shop Saressa Designs’ bestselling items. Choose from gold, rose gold, or sterling silver for the accent and shop owner Rachel will have a pair on their way to you directly from her workshop in Portland, OR. Hundreds of reviewers can’t be wrong: they’re just the right size and weight!

Rachel also offers a hoop-style earring design and a Herkimer diamond necklace.

2. Baseball “Diamond” Flask: For Him (or Her)

Tenth Wedding Anniversary - Baseball Flask
For those discreet moments when you’re out in left field. 6 oz to freedom!

This baseball “diamond” flask is a great budget option for any fan of America’s favorite pastime! Etsy shop Wooden Accessories Co. makes all their laser engraved flasks by hand in the USA and ships from Washington DC in less than a week. You can even personalize it with a name or short message underneath the artwork. While this is the only diamond-themed option, there are nearly 250 other flask designs to choose from, everything from Day of the Dead to the scales of justice.

Sticking with the baseball diamond theme, these nicely framed Ballpark Blueprints are another unique way to celebrate a tenth anniversary.

3. Go Big with Vintage Diamonds

Tenth Wedding Anniversary - Vintage Diamonds
It’s been 10 years. Maybe it’s time to splurge on something truly one-of-a-kind!

Antique diamond jewelry ain’t cheap if it’s sporting real deal diamonds. Etsy shop Trademark Antiques specializes in rare finds and authentic vintage designs. With 1,000+ 5-star customer reviews, you know you’re getting something really special. They’ve got a large selection of one-of-a-kind necklaces, dazzling rings, and sparkly diamond earrings ranging in price from $300 to $15,000!

Two other favorite (and trustworthy) Etsy shops for authentic vintage diamonds are Blue Ridge Notions and Maejean Vintage.

4. Edible Diamonds: For Your Sweetie’s Sweet Tooth

Tenth Wedding Anniversary - Edible Diamonds
These crystal clear gems are 100% sugar and sized like 3/4 carats!

If you’re looking for clarity without the price tag, you’ll want to check out these bite size edible diamonds. They come in sacks of 30 for only 8 bucks! Might be fun to hide a real diamond necklace or other piece of jewelry in the sack. Either way, these tasty treats deliver plenty of sparkle on a tight budget.

Want something a bit more colorful? Edible gems don’t get much fancier than these beauties from A Cake to Remember.

5. Diamond Grillz: Bling for Your Hip-Hop Fan

Tenth Wedding Anniversary Gift - Diamond Grillz
Put a custom sparkle in your honey’s smile.

If you’re not familiar with grillz, they’re probably not for you! But if you happen to be a connoisseur, then GrillzbyMia is your best bet. Mia will send you a free mold kit once you place your order. Then just send back the impression and she’ll turn around your custom diamond grillz order about a week later.

6. Raw Stones: For Your Crafty Spouse

Tenth Anniversary Gifts - Rough Diamonds
Rough stones are a smooth choice for crafters and DIY-ers.

If your special someone is into arts and crafts or likes to make her own jewelry, then a small stash of rough diamonds might be the perfect choice. SHIKHA ships from New Delhi, charges wholesale prices, and is well vetted by more than 2,000 5-star reviews. You can spend a couple grand on raw white diamonds or less than a hundred bucks on rough yellow diamond beads. This is a great way to get real diamonds without busting the bank.

7. Tennis Anyone?

Tenth Anniversary Gift - Diamond Bracelet
Delicate designs like these bracelets feature real diamonds at a reasonable price point.

If you’re set on gifting real diamonds, then the classic “tennis bracelet” is a good choice. Jewee Diamond offers a nice option in 14k solid gold with round brilliant cut diamonds. Or peruse more than 2,000 other diamond tennis bracelets until you find just the right look!

8. Go Goth with Black Diamonds

Tenth Wedding Anniversary - Black Diamonds
Black diamonds really stand out and are perfect for fancy evenings on the town.

Black diamonds have a distinctly gothic look and can be quite inexpensive compared to their crystal clear cousins. You can get them loose in bulk or set in vintage or contemporary jewelry designs. Note that “natural black diamonds” will generally run a bit pricier than regular black diamonds, which get their color artificially.

You can find black diamonds in everything from eternity bands to rough cut earrings and everything in between.

9. Real Diamond Earrings: Small & Affordable

Tenth Wedding Anniversary - Diamond Stud Earrings
It’s hard to go wrong with the simplicity and sparkle of real diamond earrings.

Etsy shop Distinction Jewelry is one of our favorite sources for simple and classy diamond stud earrings. Jessi and her two jewelry crafters usually have a solid selection of real diamonds in various colors and they source everything ethically from conflict-free zones.

NanaBijou also has some unique diamond stud designs and Theresa Pytell often features stunning diamond stud earrings inspired by nature.

10. Something From the Penny Arcade

10th Anniversary Gift - Custom Penny Necklace
Real diamonds and a lucky penny from your wedding year!

Gold plated and surrounded by real diamonds, this customizable lucky penny necklace is handmade by Beatrice Matiash in New Jersey. You pick the year and Beatrice does the rest! Allow about a month of lead time.

These custom state necklaces are nifty too, with a small diamond placed in whatever zip code you call home.

11. Maybe Just a Dusting of Diamonds

10th Anniversary Gift - Diamond Dust
Spread some diamond dust around to set the mood!

Diamond dust is exactly what it sounds like: tiny fragments of natural loose diamonds, all piled up. You can spread a thin trail of diamond dust showing her the way to her 10th anniversary gift. Or sprinkle it in random places around the house for her to find throughout the day. A 5-carat lot goes for about 20 bucks, 100-carats for $370 or so.