3rd Anniversary Gifts: 17 Ways to Surprise with Leather

Last Updated:  August 9, 2018

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Leather is the tried and true material of choice for 3rd anniversary gifts, and we see absolutely no reason to mess with tradition. Leather can be supple and feminine or crisp and masculine. It can be bourbon-brown, stark-white, or jet-black. It can be just about anything you want it to be, just like your marriage.

Here’s our list of 17 favorite 3rd anniversary gift ideas, all made from the finest cuts of real leather.

The List: 3rd Anniversary Gifts!

1. Home Brew Journal

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Home Brew Journal
The key to successful home brewing is careful observation and precise note-taking.

There are two types of home brewers. The ones who made a batch of swill and never tried again, and the ones who made a batch of swill, stuck with it, and now churn out regular editions of highly drinkable beer. No one gets it right the first time, which is why this leather-bound Home Brew Journal is so handy. Once you get in the habit of recording key details for each batch, you’ll start to connect the dots. Soon you’ll be guarding your journal like it’s the last known copy of the formula for Coke.

$28 UncommonGoods >

2. Engraved Passport Holder

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Leather Passport Cover
Intricate stitching and precision engraving make this a best in class passport cover.

54% of Americans don’t have a valid passport, which means nearly 150 million Americans DO have a passport. Sadly, 99% of these proud passport holders carry it around completely naked. Dress yours up with a finely stitched leather passport cover from Etsy shop MUUJEE. Personalize it with front and inside cover engraving for only a few dollars more. Choose your look: coffee, light brown, or dark brown.

$34+ Etsy >

3. An Authentic Leather Pouf from Morocco

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Leather Pouf
An heirloom quality pouf that you can pass on to your kids someday.

You can get poufs now from just about any US retailer, but when it comes to 3rd anniversary gifts why not order the real thing straight from Marrakesh? Etsy shop The Factory makes exquisitely detailed poufs to order in the traditional style and then delivers them to your doorstep in 2-3 weeks. Each pouf is made in Morocco with 100% genuine goat leather. Subtle color variations and hand-embroidered accents make each piece unique. Take a load off and kick your feet up in style!

$60 Etsy >

4. New Car with Leather Interior

3rd Anniversary Gifts - New Car Leather Interior
If you’re buying a new car anyways, go for the full leather interior!

Yep. It’s hard to imagine a 3rd anniversary gift with more leather than a brand new car. This assumes of course that you spring for the trim level with real leather seats (leatherette doesn’t count!), which can be surprisingly pricey these days. If you go this route, start your search at TrueCar and have dealers compete to offer you the best price. Then buy LOTS of wrapping paper!

$$$ TrueCar >

5. A Real Leather Football (or Futbol)

3rd Leather Anniversary Gifts - Vintage Football
Give him something to cuddle up with on nights you’re not around.

Etsy shop Memoraballia does one very specific thing and they do it really well. They make old-style soccer balls, rugby balls, and footballs out of 100% genuine tanned leather. They look soft and worn right out of the box! Kick it around the house, go long for an over-the-shoulder pass, or display it proudly next to those shiny trophies from his glory days. Either way, it’s a unique 3rd anniversary gift any sports fan will love.

$47 Etsy >

6. Rustic Leather Photo Album

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Rustic Leather Photo Album
Soft top-grain leather and a personalized engraving make this 3rd anniversary gift worthy of your best snapshots.

Among the many casualties of an increasingly virtual economy is the humble photo album. Sadly, digital photos make terrible gifts. The leather anniversary is a perfect occasion to wade through three years worth of Instagram shots, print your favorites, and compile them into a real live album you can hold in your hands.

$82+ Etsy >

7. Cherry Red Leather Clutch

3rd Leather Anniversary Gifts - Cherry Red Clutch
If your marriage lasts as long as this clutch, you’ve got something special!

Contrary to popular belief, leather doesn’t have to be brown or black. Lola Falk takes leather in a whole new direction with her brilliantly colorful clutches, crossbody bags, and wallets for both men and women. It’s hard to leave your wallet behind when it’s the most colorful thing in the room! Lola’s leather goods aren’t cheap, but what do you expect from a true artisan who’s shipping from Brooklyn and stocking zippers in twelve different colors?

$158 Etsy >

8. A Cognac-Colored Leather Chair

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Leather Easy Chair
A stylish, solid, and humble chair at a fair price with Amazon Prime delivery.

Furniture can be a tricky gift to get just right, but you’ve been married almost three years now so you should have a pretty good feel for your spouse’s style. Whether it’s a stylish lounge chair for the den, an easy sitting chair for the living room, a new set of dining chairs, or a mid-century modern couch, leather is a tried and true material for all things sitting. Extra props if you wrap it up and have it magically appear in its new spot the morning of your anniversary.

$425 Amazon >

9. Personalized Leather iPad Case

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Leather iPad Case
Order this one early as it ships from Asia and will take a couple of weeks to arrive.

“Minimalist charisma,” is how the maker of this sweet distressed leather iPad case describes its bonafides. With snug pockets for business cards, a thin notepad, and a pen or stylus, it’s smartly designed to help you keep track of the essentials and nothing more. You can add one set of initials to personalize it for only four bucks more.

$59+ Etsy >

10. Goatskin Gardening Gloves for Her

A nice pair of gardening gloves is a small luxury that makes all the difference.

Go ahead and get these white gloves dirty! These comfortable gloves from Womenswork are soft and plush on the inside and tough enough to handle the thorniest rose bush on the outside. They’re shaped specifically for female hands, while the extra long leather cowhide cuff keeps the dirt from sneaking in around her wrists. They’re lightweight and breathable too!

$38 The Grommet >

11. Custom Leather Wedding Vows Tray

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Leather Keepsake Tray
There’s a big discount if you order a set of two!

Is your spouse always losing track of his wedding ring? Does she stash loose change all over the house? Can either of you still recite your wedding vows? This smart leather keepsake tray from Paper Anniversary Love is a convenient way to remember your vows (and your keys). One adorable couple even uses it as a shared spot to put their wedding rings each night. The small tray has room for up to 30 words, while the larger edition can fit about 100. As far as personalized 3rd anniversary gifts go, this is among the most timeless and useful we’ve seen.

$79+ Etsy >

12. Leather Necktie Travel Roll

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Necktie Travel Roll
Make sure he’s always looking just as sharp as he did on your wedding day.

Ties are making a comeback, but you can’t just throw one in your suitcase and hope for the best. If you want that crisp wrinkle-free look that at least makes him appear as if he’s got his act together, you’ve got to roll it. This ingenious vegan leather case stores up to three stylish neckties and snaps shut with a nifty magnetic closure. Available in dark navy or dark navy. Did we mention it’s also available in dark navy?

$24 UncommonGoods >

13. Custom Leather Flask

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Custom Leather Flask
There are plenty of cheaper flasks out there, but only this one will last until your 30th anniversary.

If your sweetie likes to steal a quick nightcap from time to time, a real leather flask from RSVP Handcrafted might be the perfect 3rd anniversary gift. They make each one individually in Charlottesville, Virginia and have some truly unique stamped leather designs. We love the whiskey colored stars edition, the simple stamped mountains, and the brown bee. The teal leaf pattern is a particularly good option for the ladies.

$42 Etsy >

14. Custom Leather Notepad: Choose Your Lake!

3rd Leather Anniversary Gift - Lake Notebook
Everyone loves lakes!

An astounding number of lakes from all over the world are available for the cover of this custom laser-etched notebook. If there’s a lake (or island) that holds a special place in your relationship, Lake Art can probably make it happen. Each notebook includes 50 lined pages and can easily be refilled when the time comes. Order early as they can take 3-4 weeks to arrive!

$49 The Grommet >

15. Personalized Leather Dopp Kit

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Leather Dopp Kit
What else can you get custom-made in the US and shipped to you in less than a week?

Who says toiletries can’t be sexy? These smart dopp kits are handmade in Las Vegas, NV from premium full grain leather. They’re soft, super-durable, and XL-sized to fit his electric toothbrushes, fancy razors, and beer soap. Choose brown, black, or burgundy. Monogrammed initials run an extra ten bucks. They’ll make and ship it in 2-3 business days so this is a great option if you’re down to the wire.

$39 Etsy >

16. A Backpack to Last a Lifetime

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Leather Backpack
Wide comfortable straps make this handcrafted backpack as easy to wear as it is to admire.

Based in the UK, Etsy shop Kovereduk has carved out a reputation for leather and canvas goods that are timeless, durable, and reasonably priced for handmade quality. This unisex version of their popular Thames backpack features a sturdy double-zip closure, nylon-lined interior pocket, and luxuriously comfortable straps. It’ll fit your 15″ Macbook no problem, along with plenty of other gadgets, cords, and snacks!

$119 Etsy >

17. Cowhide Patchwork Rug from Argentina

3rd Anniversary Gifts - Cowhide Patchwork Rug
We weren’t kidding when we said leather doesn’t have to be brown or black.

What do you get when you cross a ranching cowboy culture with rampant inflation? A steal of a deal on a finely crafted cowhide rug! We love the more modern patchwork look, which Etsy shop Mission Argentina has nearly perfected. Their inventory changes often and some designs are truly one-of-a-kind. Pick one that suits your spouse’s style and taste, and then give it a couple weeks to arrive.

$299+ Etsy >

Did we miss one of your favorite 3rd anniversary gifts? Tell us about in the comments and we might include it in a regular post update.