Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables: 13 Top Picks for Rustic Style

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Featured

Every time I’ve given furniture as a gift, it’s been a huge hit. Reclaimed wood coffee tables are no exception. You don’t even need to wrap it!

A real wood coffee table is an awesome housewarming gift for folks that appreciate fine furniture with a rustic vibe. But how do you separate the real thing from all the cheap mass-produced furniture available online?

We’ve done the hard work for you, sifting through hundreds of options to recommend only the best reclaimed wood coffee tables made with solid materials and smart designs. Happy hunting!

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables: Our Favorites

1. Farmhouse Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Farmhouse
A great value for American made solid wood furniture.

Etsy shop Urban Mining Company builds these custom reclaimed wood coffee tables from scratch in their Truckee, CA workshop. The curved metal flatiron legs give it a burly grounded feel and the subtle shelf underneath is perfect for storing coasters or a favorite photo book.

Production Time: 2-3 weeks for delivery
Price: $395 + $50 shipping = $445


2. Loon Peak Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Loon Peak
A simple no nonsense reclaimed wood coffee table for the budget conscious.

If you’re looking for an unoffensive modern coffee table that will play nice in just about any living room, Wayfair’s Loon Peak coffee table is a good choice. It’s made in China from solid birch wood (which may or may not actually be reclaimed) and is lacquered for a smooth finish on top. Assembly is quick and easy, while free shipping anywhere in the US makes this one of the least expensive reclaimed wood coffee tables on our list.

Delivery Time: About 1 week
Price: $277 + Free shipping = $277


3. Industrial “H” Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Industrial H
This table top is made from 100-year-old wood sourced from a barn in Ohio.

The sturdy “H” Industrial reclaimed wood coffee table comes in four different sizes and you can pick your finishes for both the wood top and metal legs. If you’re a stickler for wood with a backstory that includes character-building nail holes, cracks, and knots, it’s hard to beat these beautifully varied tables. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, made with wood sourced from torn down barns across the Midwest.

Delivery Time: 35 – 50 days
Price: $395 + $50 shipping = $445


4. Chantel Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Chantel
Like a huge chunky butchers block with legs.

Made from interlocking strips of reclaimed pine, the Chantel coffee table is as solid as a fortress. Each plank shows slight tonal variations and displays nicks and nail holes that give the table a raw sense of purpose. This is one reclaimed wood coffee table that can hold its own in an industrial or aggressively modern living room. Sit on it. Stand on it. Jump on it. It can take whatever abuse you can dish out.

Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks
Price: $360 + Free shipping = $360


5. The Newton Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - The Newton
The Newton delivers a lighter more rustic/country look.

The slender Newton coffee table features a handy 2.5″ shelf that’s perfect for hiding laptops, remotes, and thin photo books. Imperfect reclaimed wood planks are sanded and sealed, and then set atop delicate raw steel hairpin legs. Each Newton table is made-to-order in Oklahoma and finished with a coat of beeswax.

Delivery Time: 3-5 weeks
Price: $325 + $55 shipping = $380


6. Three Mountains Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Three Mountains
You don’t have to own a ski cabin to enjoy this beautifully executed inlay table.

Locally sourced lumber of varying types and widths is carefully sanded and arranged to create the calming scene of this Three Mountains coffee table. The simple black hairpin legs give the table an airy and light feel. Skiers, snowboarders, and fans of nature in general will love this creative take on the standard coffee table.

Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks
Price: $390 + Free shipping = $390


7. Mestler Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Ashley Mestler
A simple and elegant design with solid construction and a worn weathered look.

While not technically made of reclaimed wood, the Mestler cocktail height coffee table from Ashley Furniture is a classic design with a weathered reclaimed look. It’s usually available with free Prime shipping and is often on sale at a significant discount. Be sure to read the customer reviews as some folks were surprised by how “reclaimed” and colorful the bottom shelf planks were upon arrival (unlike in the photo above).

Delivery Time: About a week
Price: $250 + Free Prime shipping = $250


8. Laramie Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Emerald Laramie
An industrial chic coffee table with the warmth of real wood.

Urban dwellers that appreciate a slightly more industrial look will appreciate this Emerald Laramie coffee table made from distressed solid wood planks and flat iron edges. The slightly uneven surfaces give this table unique character and the lower shelf is convenient storage for magazines and big coffee table books.

Delivery Time: About a week
Price: $263 + Free shipping = $263


9. Longleaf Pine Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Longleaf Pine
If you want a custom size, just ask!

If you’re looking for reclaimed wood that’s the real deal, Reclaimed Wood USA’s Longleaf Pine table might be perfect. They source nicely worn wood from (de)construction sites up and down the Gulf Coast and then inlay metal straps flush with the finished table top. The simple design and hairpin legs keep costs down and make assembly quick and easy.

Delivery Time: 3-5 weeks
Price: $185 + $49 shipping = $234


10. Wage of Labor Salvage Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Wage of Labor
Old-growth salvage wood and square tube steel make this a sturdy choice.

Knobby weathered planks complete with saw cuts and nail holes give each Wage of Labor coffee table its own unique character. The wood is picked up from demolition sites around Chicago and northern Indiana. If you’re a fan of rustic simplicity, this may be the reclaimed wood coffee table for you.

Delivery Time: 3-5 weeks
Price: $275 + $50 shipping = $325


11. Spoken Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Spoken Wood
Pick a size, finish, and height, and your made-to-order table arrives in about a month.

If long and low is what you’re looking for, then Spoken Wood Design has a table for you. Their wood is reclaimed from old barns and cabins in the upper Midwest and you can choose from various finishes including Very Walnut, Espresso, Old Varnish, and Vintage Maple. The pipe legs are all adjustable too so you can get a perfectly level surface even if your floor is a bit uneven.

Delivery Time: 3-5 weeks
Price: $350 + $76 shipping = $426


12. Big & Square Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Big & Square
If you’ve got the room, might as well go big!

A big living room demands a big coffee table, and the Square Reclaimed table from WW Make does not disappoint. Even the smallest edition at 30″ square provides ample room for cocktails, magazines, and remotes. Two big dogs can sleep underneath this sucker too! Sizes all the way up to 54 x 54″ inches are available, with prices to match.

Delivery Time: 1-2 months
Price: $425 + $75 shipping = $500


13. “Antique” Budget Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables - Songmics
The lowest cost table on our list by far!

If you’re on a tight budget and need to get in and out for under a hundred bucks, you can’t beat the Songmics “Antique” table. At this price you can’t expect handmade quality or wood salvaged from an old barn. What you can expect is a fully functional and stylish coffee table with a warm distressed wood top and a handy shelf underneath. Free Prime shipping too!

Delivery Time: 4-5 days
Price: $90 + Free shipping = $90


Did we miss your favorite Etsy furniture shop? Do they have awesome reclaimed wood coffee tables? Tell us about it in the comments and we might add it during one of our regular post updates.

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