33 Stocking Stuffers for Grown-Ups: 2020 Edition

Last Updated:  May 26, 2020

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When it comes to stocking stuffers for 2020, there are almost as many gift strategies as there are Santas. Some Santas drop by the local drug store and stock up on lotions, lip balms, and other flavorful essentials. Other Santas focus on fruits and snacks, while a few Santas even stuff with high-priced concert tickets and other unusual surprises. Does your stocking stuffer strategy need a refresh?

Here are our 33 favorite stocking stuffers for 2020, culled from familiar online shops and distant corners of the inter-webs. Many are brand new this year while others are tried and true gifts that you may not have realized make perfect stocking stuffers. Most importantly, each one can be slipped, jammed, or cajoled into even the most tightly knit stocking.

Stocking Stuffers 2020: The List!

1. Lexon MINA Bluetooth Speaker ($30)

Stocking Stuffers 2020 - Lexon MINO Speaker
These little morsels are all boom and no box. Tons of colors and camo too!

2. Original Sugar Skull Spoon ($10)

Christmas Gifts 2020
A not-so-subtle reminder to keep your sweet tooth in check.

3. Hand-Tooled Leather Flask ($54)

Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Leather Flask
6 Oz To Freedom!

4. Winter Wonderland Zen Puzzle ($16)

Stocking Stuffers 2020 - Zen Puzzles
Little wooden jigsaw puzzles with “whimsies” hiding inside. The teaser size is a perfect stocking stuffer!

5. Event Tickets: Concerts, Sports & Shows (Prices Vary)

Christmas Gifts 2020 - Concert Tickets
Find a little-known band and take a chance in 2020! Print your e-tickets, roll ’em up, and stuff ’em down into that stocking.

6. Bee’s Wrap Food Storage ($18)

Stocking Stuffers for Adults - Bees Wax Storage
Ditch the plastic bags and save the ocean. Save the bees too!

7. Haribo Gold Bears, Germany ($2)

Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2020 - Haribo Gummy Bears
There are gummy bears and there are Goldbears. Connoisseurs know the difference. Do you?

8. Bourbon Bitters Bundle ($38)

Stocking Stuffers 2020 - Bourbon Bitters
Give your four favorite bourbon lovers a little extra Christmas “spirit.”

9. Stress Ball Paul ($9)

Stress Ball Paul
Meet your new main squeeze, just in time for holiday stress relief.

10. Beer Soap Gift Set ($7)

Beer Soap Gift Set
Because cracking an actual beer on Christmas morning is probably a bridge too far.

11. Custom Name Necklace (Prices Vary)

Metal Pressions Gift Necklace
Go big with solid gold bars!

12. Holiday Smencils 5-Pack ($7)

Holiday Smencils
Surveys show that nine out of ten adults don’t know what Santa smells like.

13. Best Lip Balm Ever ($8)

Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Best Lip Balm Ever
The first rule of apr├Ęs ski is: No bleeding on your nachos.

14. Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Deep Bass ($50)

Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2020 - Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
With a built-in mic and a case that charges and protects, the TOZO T10 is the complete system.

15. Chunk of Fresh Charcoal Soap ($12)

Lump of Coal for Stocking
Clean up all that naughtiness with this cedar wood scented lump.

16. Magnetic Wristband for Screws & Nails ($15)

Stocking Stuffers 2020 - Magnetic Wristband
Because you can only hold so many rusty nails in your mouth at once.

17. Lexon Mina LED “Mushroom” Lamp ($30)

Lexon Mina LED Mushroom
Light up a bedside, a desk, or the corners of your mind with this perspective-altering LED shroom.

18. Rule One, Gold Tipped ($60)

Stocking Stuffers 2020 - Rule One Pen & Ruler
Handy. Sleek. Gold glitter. Finely milled aluminum. Pen and ruler combos don’t get any better.

19. Obama Scented Candle ($22)

Obama Scented Candle
Light up with the first president who wasn’t shy about inhaling.

20. The Ultimate Hex Multi-Tool ($21)

Hex Multi-Tool
Got a kid? Always be ready to raise a bike seat!

21. BIG Bath Bombs, 18 Count ($35)

Big Bath Bombs
Make a splash with these colorful bursts of cleanliness.

22. Peppermint Hershey’s Kisses ($6)

Peppermint Hershey's Kisses
No mistletoe required.

23. “Suspension” Espresso Mugs ($17)

Glass Espresso Mugs
You better believe Santa’s got an espresso machine on the sleigh these days.

24. Waboba Moon Ball ($7)

Moon Ball
You’re never too old for a REALLY bouncy ball.

25. Lazy Manatea Infuser ($10)

Manatea Infuser
Turn your tea brackish with a little help from the “sloth of the oceans.”

26. Clam-dy Canes ($9)

Clamdy Canes
What else are you gonna use to stir your Bloody Mary on Christmas morning?

27. 5-in-1 Pen Tool ($25)

Stocking Stuffers 2020 - Pen Tool
It’s hard to believe, but there’s a bubble level and screwdriver in there somewhere!

28. Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit, Makes 6 ($22)

Stocking Stuffers for Adults - Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit
Ding! Tray tables down. Whiskey “nips” open. Commence chemistry experiment.

29. Super Pinky Ball ($6)

Pinky Ball Stocking Stuffer
If you usually anchor your stockings with an orange, give this pinky a try instead.

30. Library Card Socks ($10)

Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 - Library Card Socks
Is pulling socks out of a stocking ironic, or just weird?

31. Muzen Audio Berry Speaker ($75)

Stocking Stuffers 2020 - Muzen Audio Berry Bluetooth Speaker
Rock out in retro style for up to 4 hours with this little beauty.

32. Toblerone Minis ($13)

Toblerone Chocolate Minis
You don’t need a view of the Alps to enjoy authentic Swiss chocolate on Christmas Day.

33. Money Soap ($10)

Money Soap
Send a subtle hint with a clear incentive.