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Yosemite Gifts: 19 Ways to Bring the National Park Home

If you know someone who’d rather be in Yosemite National Park than just about anywhere else, these creative Yosemite gifts are a no-brainer. Maybe you left only footprints, but it’s just not true that you can take only memories. How about a pint glass? Or perhaps a silky smooth t-shirt?

The List: 19 Awesome Yosemite Gifts

1. Carved Topo Map of Yosemite Valley ($49)

This anatomically correct topo map is made from 100% walnut wood. Run your fingers from Bridalveil Fall to the top of Half Dome.

2. Yosemite Valley Wall Art Panels ($62+)

Hygge wallpaper not included!

3. “Subpar” Yosemite National Park Poster ($20+)

Don’t “misunderestimate” the power of sarcasm.

4. The California Pint ($48)

Why hike 5 hours into the backcountry to see Half Dome up close when you can just drink a beer instead?

5. Yosemite in the Fifties: The Iron Age ($60)

The ultimate coffee table book for fans of first ascents and the birth of adventure sports.

6. Oakmoss & Juniper Candle ($20)

When you’re standing on the Valley floor in August and the hot sun suddenly cuts through the rain, it smells like this.

7. The Dawn Wall Movie ($3)

Experiences are the best gifts, especially ones that make your hands sweat.

8. Yosemite Travel Patch ($10)

Iron it on for convenience or stitch it on for posterity.

9. Yosemite Falls National Park Poster ($17+)

Anderson Design Group nailed it with this original WPA-inspired Yosemite National Park poster.

10. Yosemite Hand-Embroidered Pillow ($196)

All of Yosemite with none of the crowds!

11. Yosemite Map Pendant Necklace ($14)

Never get lost in the Yosemite backcountry again.

12. Metal Camp Mug ($21)

Just add a campfire, hot chocolate, and a splash of whiskey to complete the gift.

13. Soft & Sunny Yosemite T-Shirt ($20)

Cotton as soft as granite is hard.

14. Letterpress Map of Yosemite National Park ($50)

If you like your rivers and lakes a paler shade of blue, this is the map for you.

15. Printable Trip Tickets Download ($6)

Slip these Yosemite trip tickets into a chocolate bar and wrap it back up.

16. Yosemite Valley Giclee Print ($34+)

The Yosemite of your mid-century modern dreams, by Jazzberry Blue.

17. Yosemite National Park Stickers ($3)

Keep it simple, sticker!

18. Sterling Silver Yosemite Ring ($73)

Handcrafted in wax. Cast in sterling. Painted in black. Worn in style.

19. Yosemite Coloring Book PDF ($10)

Where else are you going to get 25 original illustrations for ten bucks?

Still looking for that perfect Yosemite gift?

Maybe you took a dramatic photo the last time you were there. Get it printed by Social Print Studio.

Maybe it’s been too long since your last trip. Book a room for two at the historic Ahwahnee Hotel.

Looking to experience Yosemite from the comfort of your couch? Settle in with Ken Burns for The National Parks – America’s Best Idea.

Or just go there and have a look around for yourself!

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