Kids Wall Murals: Our 12 Favorite Designs

When it comes to kids wall murals and assorted wallpaper options for nurseries, children’s bedrooms, and playrooms, subtlety is your best friend.

Bright and punchy wall art makes a great first impression, but remember you’re going to gaze upon whatever artwork you choose thousands of times. In our opinion, you want kids wallpaper that’s restrained, original, and, most importantly, easily removable!

The Best Kids Wall Murals You Can Order Today

1. Seas The Day by Stardust Design Studio ($190)

Childrens Wall Art - Seas The Day
These salty swirls deliver a deep slumber every time.

2. May Meadow ($5.50/sf)

Bold colors for a white room, from BorĂ¥s, Sweden.

3. Fireflies by Jennifer Stewart ($190)

Kids Wall Murals - Fireflies
You don’t need a glass jar to capture the magic of a Midwest summer night.

4. Celestial by Erica Krystek ($275)

Nursery Wall Art - Celestial
Gaze with wonder at the same constellations the Greeks and Romans saw.

5. Alaska from Sea by Kelsey McNatt ($370)

Imagine you’re setting out in calm waters to fish at 6am.

6. Fields Forever by Jessie Steury ($275)

Turn your flat nursery wall into rolling layers of farmland.

7. Kaleidoscope No. 1 by Hooray Creative ($190)

Modern art for modern kiddos.

8. Tropical by Alexandra Dzh ($190)

Kids Wall Murals - Tropical
Bali? Thailand? Open a window to the other side of the world.

9. Birch Woods in Winter by Four Wet Feet Studio ($190)

Childrens Wall Murals - Birch Woods in Winter
White snow on white trees on a white wall. Subtle, eh?

10. Palm Tree Silhouette by Cass Loh ($370)

Neapolitan wall art from Malaysia, not Naples.

11. Moths by Emilie Simpson ($190)

Who knew moths could feel so big, chunky, and colorful?

12. Cotton Candy Sky by Kamala Nahas ($190)

Kids Wall Murals - Cotton Candy Sky
Get two kids wall murals in one! Sunrise and sunset.

You may have noticed that we’re somewhat partial to kids wall murals from If you’re looking for top notch quality and want original designs that you’re unlikely to see all over town, it’s hard to beat Minted.

All of Minted’s wall art designs are printed on removable panels with a classy matte finish. They’re easy to install with no tools required. All you’ll need is a credit card to smooth out any pesky air bubbles.

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