Name Necklace: Chic, Modern, & Stylish Custom Jewelry

Last Updated:  October 12, 2018

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Search Etsy for name necklace and you’re confronted with more than 125,000 options, from super cheap and chintzy to 14 karat rose gold to diamond studded. It seems there’s a custom name necklace out there for every style and budget, as there should be. But which shops can you trust? Who ships fast and reliably? And who’s got just the right look?

We did the legwork for you and vetted each of the makers listed below. They all have an impressive selection of name necklaces, excellent customer reviews, and ship quickly and reliably.

Name Necklaces: The List, Best of Etsy!

1. Mignon & Mignon: The Price is Right

Name Necklace - Mignon & Mignon

Choose gold, rose gold, or silver plating for these small and dainty name necklaces.

If budget is a concern, Mignon & Mignon has some very inexpensive custom name necklace options under $20. They turn orders quickly and can stamp both sides with your custom name, geo coordinates, or whatever message you want. Their delicate bar necklaces measure up at only 1.25″ long and their tassel option offers a bit of extra flair if that’s your style. Also check out their 4-sided vertical bar if you’ve got more to say!

Sales: 140,000+ | Reviews: 24,000+


2. Caitlyn Minimalist: What’s Your Number?

Name Necklace - Caitlyn Minimalist

Got three kids? Or three favorite aunts? Or three of anything…

While priced slightly higher, Kate Kim offers name necklaces with a more refined look and unique options like the dainty triple, which is great way to capture the names of three kids or an entire family. It’s also available with 1, 2, or 4 names if three’s not your number! And while we’re talking about three’s, we also love the creative design of this personalized three generation necklace.

Sales: 130,000+ | Reviews: 22,000+


3. Grace Personalized: It’s All About Selection

Add a birthstone for a splash of color!

With 46 different custom necklace options, Grace Personalized is bound to have a style and design to suit just about everyone. Want a necklace personalized with an actual heartbeat? How about a name spelled out in pave stones for a Broadway lights effect? You can even add a birthstone for a hint of color. Grace Personalized is your best bet if you want maximum flexibility to dial in fonts, sizes, and add-ons exactly to your liking.

Sales: 65,000+ | Reviews: 10,000+


4. IME Jewelry: Doodles & Drawings

Looks as good on you as it does on the refrigerator!

Preserve that precious doodle for posterity with a custom art necklace from Karen Whyte’s Etsy shop. We’re not exactly sure how she translates your child’s artwork into sterling silver or 18k gold fill, but the results speak for themselves. It’s a unique take on custom jewelry and is fun for the whole family. Karen also offers up some interesting circular and hoop custom name necklaces too.

Sales: 20,000+ | Reviews: 3,000+


5. Dainty & Gold: Name Necklaces with Extras

Name Necklaces - Dainty & Gold

Want extras like hearts and sparkles?

If you’re patient and can handle the extra delivery time from Turkey, Deniz’ shop offers some fun twists on the custom name necklace theme, like Arabic names, all cap block letters, old English initials, and expletives. Regular shipping can be slow to the US, so upgrade to Express if you need it in 2 weeks or less!

Sales: 14,000+ | Reviews: 2,000+


6. Layered & Long: Actual Handwriting Name Necklace

Name Necklace Etsy - Layered & Long

A name necklace in your actual handwriting. Now that’s personalized!

Chrissy started Layered and Long back in 2012 after seeing custom name necklaces fly off the shelves of her fashion boutique in Victoria BC. We love that you can get one of her ubiquitous bar necklaces with a name written in your actual handwriting. That’s a fresh and new take on the custom name necklace that’s timeless and oh-so personal. Just send in a writing sample and she’ll turn it around in about a week. You can also add a gemstone or chain extender as you like.

Sales: 290,000+ | Reviews: 44,000+


7. Custom Brites: Handmade in Niagara Falls

Name Necklace - Custom Brites

Engraved and personalized times two!

If you love someone to infinity or want to stack multiple bars or discs stamped with custom initials and names, Shell’s shop in upstate New York has you covered at competitive prices. And her bold black engraving style really stands out on these dainty tag necklaces available in gold, rose gold, or sterling silver.

Sales: 34,000+ | Reviews: 4,000+


8. Tiffany & Jessica: Where It Anywhere

Name Necklace - Tiffany & Jessica

Custom engraving under 20 bucks!

If you’re all about price, then how does under 20 bucks sound? Leave it on in the shower, the pool, and the beach because it’s hypoallergenic and won’t turn funky colors. And if you lose it, who cares? Just order another one for $19.98.

Sophie ships from Philadelphia and has some fancier options too, like this double 14 karat gold bar necklace and a custom men’s bracelet.

Sales: 18,000+ | Reviews: 3,000+


9. Jewelry Blues: Bold Name Necklaces

Name Necklace - Jewelry Blues

Never forget your kid’s birthday or the place they were born.

These simple double bar necklaces from Jewelry Blues can be customized with children’s names, initials, and the coordinates of their birthplace or first home. Pile up to five bars on a single chain and specify whether you want vertical or horizontal lettering. You can also add a birthstone and choose your own font to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Sales: 55,000+ | Reviews: 7,000+


10. Metal Pressions: For Big Spenders Only

Name Necklace - Metal Pressions

Go big with solid gold bars!

If you’ve always wanted to give her a necklace that’s as solid as your love, here’s your chance. Metal Pressions’ custom solid gold bar necklaces with diamond birthstones are literally worth their weight in gold. Starting at $2700, they’re a super-fancy option for the super-mom in your life!

Sales: 8,000+ | Reviews: 2,000+


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