New York, New York: 17 Fine Art Prints with City Style

Last Updated:  May 14, 2018

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If you’ve spent any real time in New York City, you know it’s a city of many shades. Sometimes it’s bright and colorful and in your face, while other times its urban underbelly shows its dark and imposing side. Every once in a while it’s eerily quiet. Here are 17 original New York City wall art prints that perfectly capture the many moods of America’s first metropolis.

The List: 17 NYC Wall Art Prints You’ll Love

1. Vintage NYC Subway Map

NYC Wall Art Prints - Vintage Subway Map

It may not be America’s oldest Subway system, but New York’s is certainly one of the most graphically stunning.

From 8 x 10″ @ $24 up to 44 x 56″ @ $208
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2. Taxi, Taxi! by Rachel Nelson

NYC Wall Art Prints - Taxi, Taxi!

Celebrate the dwindling ranks of yellow taxis before Uber gobbles them all up forever.

From 5 x 7″ @ $21 up to 40 x 54″ @ $246
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3. A Distant Skyline by Lisa Sundin

NYC Wall Art Prints - A Distant Skyline

What’s true in this unique pastel photograph is true about New York City in general: it often extends beyond your frame of reference.

From 8 x 8″ @ $23 up to 44 x 44″ @ $186
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4. Down Under the Brooklyn Bridge by Jax Robyn

NYC Wall Art Prints - Under Brooklyn Bridge

An illuminated abstraction of mixed media, including Sharpies and spray paint, inspired by an actual photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge.

From 5 x 7″ @ $21 up to 30 x 40″ @ $170
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5. Watercolor NYC Skyline Triptych

NYC Wall Art - New York Skyline Triptych

Heavy duty photo paper and archival inks ensure this original watercolor print looks stunning across all three panels. Just be sure to order early as it ships from Greece!

From 8 x 10″ @ $45 up to 18 x 24″ @ $115
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6. I Love New York by Jordan Sondler

NYC Wall Art Prints - I Love New York

This sweetly illustrated map of Manhattan perfectly captures the key sights, sounds, and tastes of each neighborhood.

From 5 x 7″ @ $21 up to 40 x 54″ @ $246
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7. Radio City Dream

NYC Wall Art Prints - Radio City Dream

There’s so much New York in this one photograph: bright lights, showbiz, traffic, and of course, big dreams.

From 7 x 5″ @ $21 up to 54 x 40″ @ $246
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8. Empire State & Other NYC Scenes by Laura Amiss

NYC Wall Art Prints - Empire State

If you’re looking for bright playful colors that show NYC blanketed in unrelenting optimism, it’s hard to beat these cheery illustrations that ship from the Netherlands.

From 25 x 30cm @ $37 up to 55 x 70cm @ $110
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9. Snowing Bridge by Jason Derck

NYC Wall Art Prints - Snowing Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is many things to many people. To photographer Jason Derck it’s the perfect place for a quiet walk on a cold snowy morning.

From 8 x 8″ @ $23 up to 44 x 44″ @ $186
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10. Goodnight New York by Jennifer Wick

NYC Wall Art Prints - Goodnight New York

The city never sleeps. Or does it?

From 8 x 8″ @ $23 up to 44 x 44″ @ $186
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11. NYC Skyline Giclée Print

NYC Art Prints - Watercolor Skyline

This soothing watercolor scene captures the NYC skyline in a rare moment of subtle calm. Ships from Poland so order early!

From 8 x 10″ @ $19 up to 16 x 20″ @ $49
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12. Brooklyn by Kaitlin Rebesco

NYC Wall Art Prints - Brooklyn Warehouse

Birds hover like smoke from a chimney atop an old warehouse. This is Brooklyn the way it used to be.

From 7 x 5″ @ $21 up to 24 x 18″ @ $100o
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13. Illustrated Tourist Map

NYC Wall Art Prints - Illustrated Tourist Map

This limited edition work by a UK artist is printed in brilliant color on heavy matte paper, and then signed and numbered.

From 21 x 30cm @ $27 up to 40 x 50″ @ $55
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14. Manhattan Bridge Snowstorm by Jason Derck

NYC Wall Art - Manhattan Bridge Snowstorm

As the first snowfall of the season drifts down on the city, the Manhattan Bridge stands guard over millions of softly sleeping souls.

From 5 x 7″ @ $21 up to 40 x 54″ @ $246
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15. NYC Map Art in Spring Green

NYC Wall Art Prints - Map Spring Green

Crisp printing and the perfect shade of green make this modern NYC map a stunning addition to any room.

From 8 x 10″ @ $19 up to 24 x 36″ @ $79
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16. New York Street by Viktoria Eperjesi

NYC Wall Art Prints - New York Street

We love the raw unfinished style of this acquarelle cityscape that plays up the contrast between two-dimensional facades and the buildings that hide behind.

From 5 x 7″ @ $21 up to 40 x 54″ @ $246
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17. View From York Ave by Jinseikou

NYC Wall Art Prints - View From York Ave

Shadows and geometry dance in the subtle light of an early morning just before sunrise.

From 5 x 7″ @ $21 up to 18 x 24″ @ $100
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Did we fail to include your favorite New York City wall art? Tell us about it in the comments and we might include it in a regular post update.