Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Prosecco Orange Candle

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts Under $50

Fun bridal shower gifts are a unique chance to celebrate the bride-to-be. It’s the perfect opportunity to gift her something personal and original for the next stage in her life. Why not surprise her with something not on the registry? Save the couples gift for the wedding.

Gift expenses can add up quickly, so we’ve put together a list of unique budget-friendly gift ideas from barware to keepsakes. These fun bridal shower gifts are the perfect way to appreciate the bride-to-be, all for under $50.

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts To Pamper Her

1. Spa In A Box ($29)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Spa In A Box
Beautiful packaging and a custom gift note make this spa kit a complete package.

Gift the bride the ultimate Spa In a Box Kit for some much needed rest and relaxation. Little Flower Soap Co creates gorgeous handmade versions of everyday bath products. Each affordable box comes with bath salts, bar soap, lip balm, muscle rescue balm, and skin rescue balm. That’s way more handmade spa goods than we’d expect for under 30 bucks. A custom gift tag and ribbon is included. All you have to do is resist ordering a second one for yourself!

2. Prosecco & Blood Orange Scented Candle ($18)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Prosecco Orange Candle
Toast the bride to be with this fabulous mimosa candle!

Wedding planning can be stressful! Help the bride-to-be create a relaxing sanctuary with this deliciously scented Prosecco and Blood Orange candle from Lulu Sugar. Candles are an instant mood booster and we love that Lulu Sugar uses 100% American grown soy and essential oils along with cotton core wicks. It’s a complete candle package with cute matches and stylish gift box to boot. Handmade in Laguna Beach, CA.

3. Graze Healthy Snack Subscription ($14 2x/mo)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Graze Subscription

Planning a wedding can be exhausting and sometimes there’s barely time to eat! Make sure the bride has some healthy snacks on hand with the Graze monthly subscription. Two shipments arrive each month featuring Graze’s signature snacks made from wholesome natural ingredients with an emphasis on balancing taste and nutrition. Over time and with feedback, the shipments adjust to the bride’s personal tastes. You won’t find these snacks at the grocery store!

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts For Cocktail Hour

4. Etched City Maps Wine Glasses ($18/ea)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - City Etched Wine Glass
Choose from over 80 cities, regular or stemless.

What better time than the bridal shower to make sure she always remembers her roots? Give her a set of two engraved wine glasses featuring her home city. Or perhaps select her honeymoon destination so she can look forward in anticipation. Boston-based Etsy shop Uncommon Green also offers etched pint glasses, coffee mugs, and all sorts of barware featuring college towns.

5. Colorful Cocktail Sugars Gift Set ($40)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Cocktail Sugars
Made with organic sugar and vegetable-based coloring. Sweet!

Liven up cocktail hour with this set of eight colorful rimming sugars from Chicago-based Dell Cove Spices. The deep saturated colors are inspired by Indian Saris and are a fun way to sweeten everything from martinis to champagne. Remarkably, you can rim up to 400 standard cocktails between the eight tins. That’s a lot of sugar coated goodness! Of course, they ship in a lovely gift box as well.

6. Gin Botanicals Kit ($24)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Gin Botanicals Kit
Not a gin drinker? These work just as well with vodka or straight tonic water too.

If the bride to be is known to order a gin and tonic from time to time, then she’ll love this artisan gin botanicals kit from the UK. You can even bring along a bottle of gin and some fancy tonic and brew up flavored G&Ts right there at the bridal shower. An ample supply of each botanical is provided in sleek test tubes and it’s all packaged up smartly with tissue paper and brewing instructions.

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts For the Honeymoon

7. Personalized Passport Cover Set ($40)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Passport Cover Set
US Passports all look alike on the outside. Make sure hers stands out!

The perfect way to travel in style. RSVP Handcrafted offers a completely personalized passport cover and luggage tag with your choice of stain color and stamp. Each set is handmade out of sturdy leather in Charlottesville, Virginia. Send the bride off in style!

8. Monogram Zip Tote ($40)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Canvas Tote
This handy tote includes extra slip pockets on the outside and a zipper top closure.

This summer-inspired custom monogram tote is the perfect carry-on for a long flight or an overnight bag for a romantic weekend getaway. Make sure to pick out the initial of her new last name (if the bride decides to change it) for added novelty.

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts For a Happy Marriage

9. Newlywed’s Instruction Manual ($13)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Newlywed's Instruction Manual
Not that anything could possibly go wrong!

The wedding is over. Now what? The [easyazon_link identifier=”159474436X” locale=”US” tag=”thet081-20″]Newlywed’s Instruction Manual[/easyazon_link] offers witty and sage advice for navigating that all-important first year of marriage. It includes practical and modern tips on just about every topic from how to take care of your new wedding rings to how to fight in a healthy life-affirming way. Before you give it as a gift, open the front cover and jot down your hopes for the bride’s future and any personal tips you might have for a happy life together!

10. Marital Bliss Card Game ($15)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Marital Bliss Card Game
A week-long card game full of secret missions and romantic notions.

Some healthy competition can go a long ways towards strengthening the bonds of marriage. Marital Bliss is a sweet and creative card game that challenges each partner to step up and be the best spouse possible. The game unfolds over the course of a week as you each compete to cook dinner, guess each other’s preferences, and otherwise make life wonderful. If you don’t give this truly unique and original bridal shower gift, who will?

11. Date Dice ($11)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Date Dice
Every roll’s a winner with these rustic and charming wooden dice.

Fresh new date night ideas get harder and harder to come up with as the months turn into years. That’s where these handmade Date Dice come to the rescue. Each roll of the dice yields a surprise activity for the bride and groom to enjoy, including dinner plans on one die and after-dinner plans on the other. Etsy shop Lace and Twig can also include custom requests on the dice. Each set is packaged up in a fancy stamped gift box with twine.


Fun Bridal Shower Gifts To Keep Forever

12. Letters To The Bride ($15 or less)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - Letters to the Bride
Ten of the fold-out letters are prompted, the last two are blank.

[easyazon_link identifier=”1452149208″ locale=”US” tag=”thet081-20″]Letters To The Bride[/easyazon_link] is a paper time capsule of sorts that contains airmail-style stationery to write personal letters to you know who. It’s a great option if you have some time before the shower and can round-up friends and family members to each contribute. The resulting keepsake collection of letters is the most personal of all gifts. It becomes a priceless reference of wisdom, encouragement, and high hopes that the new bride is sure to treasure forever.

13. One Line A Day ($17 or less)

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts - One Line A DayLet the new bride document the newest chapter in her life with the classic One Line A Day journal. We like this format because it doesn’t ask too much; just one line a day, every day, for five years. Once you start the second year, you begin to see what you wrote exactly one year ago. It’s a great way to capture and reflect upon the little moments that, taken together, make up a life.

14. Monogrammed Hankerchief ($16)

bridal shower gifts - stitched hankerchief

Tears of joy are an inevitable part of of the wedding. Keep your bride-to-be prepared with a one-of-a-kind handkerchief. Canyon Embroidery offers unlimited personalization options, so you can choose to keep it short and sweet as shown in the photo, or you can write up to 25 words! Pick blue embroidery so she can keep to the tradition of “something blue.”

15. Custom Wedding City Art Print ($49 Framed)

bridal shower gifts - city print framed
A personalized skyline of the wedding location would make a beautiful and meaningful gift. The 12 x 12” print comes framed in a solid New Zealand Pine shadow box frame. The print is fully customizable so you can work with the artist, Define Design 11, to make it absolutely perfect for the newlyweds.

16. Couples Q&A a Day ($17 or less)

bridal shower gifts - our q and a a day
With this couples journal, the new bride and her groom can create an easy three-year time capsule of their relationship. The journal provides a prompt for each day, with enough space for two people to write their one-sentence response. Over the three-year period, the couple can see the ways in which they have grown, changed, and perhaps even stayed the same.

DIY Bridal Shower Gifts

17. DIY Clay Ring Bowl

bridal shower gifts - diy ring bowl
She will need a safe place to rest her new rings while exercising or showering. This DIY was intended to be used during the wedding ceremony, but I suggest you omit the holes and the string and make it a one of a kind ring dish. This DIY requires only oven bake clay and letter stamps and will take approximately 2 hours from start to finish.

18. Wedding Date Advent Calendar

bridal shower gifts - diy wedding advent calendar

The bride-to-be will be so excited to see what little surprises await inside this DIY advent calendar leading up to the big day. This is a great way to make a big impact for little money, especially if you share the gift gathering duties with other shower attendees. All you need is a cork or foam board, push pins, some cute gift wrap, and 15 little gifts.

19. Wire Wrapped Signs

bridal shower gifts - diy wire wrapped wedding signs

This straightforward craft idea can be used as part of the wedding and then after as home decor. Some pliers and one 25 foot coil of copper wire is enough to make a Bride and Groom script sign. Add a bit of nice ribbon and the happy couple can hang these from their chairs at the reception.

20. Thank You Note Help

bridal shower gifts - thank you cards
Help out the busy bride with a head start on sending out thank you notes. You can order classy Personalized Thank You Notes from Etsy seller ArtsyNikki with the name of the bride and groom. Just add a book of stamps or even take the step to pre-stamp the envelopes. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can print out return address labels for the bride and groom too. Just go to your local office supply or crafts store for printable adhesive labels. Package everything up in a cute box with a nice pen and the bride will be ready to write!


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