Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa: 11 Ways to Thank and Honor

Finding the perfect gifts for grandma and grandpa can be challenging. After all, they’ve probably accumulated a few too many things by now. Your grandparents have been around a while, and that’s part of what makes them so special. The best gifts for grandparents encourage them to tell stories, help them appreciate their growing family, and make daily life a bit easier to enjoy.

The List: 11 Fresh Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa

1. A Keurig Coffee Maker

Gifts for Grandma and Grandpa - Keurig Coffee Maker
We like the K475 because it has a big 70oz water reservoir. You only have to refill it about once a week!

My grandpa is 93, lives on his own, and swears by his trusty Keurig coffee maker. When you’re old and feeling the accumulated wear and tear of many decades, you want that wake-me-up jolt of morning joe to hit sooner rather than later. Just pop in a fresh capsule, hit a button, and boom: gourmet coffee is served!


2. Letters To My Grandchild

Gifts for Grandma - Letters To My Grandchild
Twelve prompted letters for grandma and grandpa to write. One priceless keepsake for their grandchild.

It used to be that stories were passed down orally around the campfire, but when was the last time you attended a bonfire with your granny? This inventive collection of prompted letters encourages grandparents to get their favorite stories, advice, and memories down on paper before they’re lost to the ravages of time.


3. An Easy-to-Use Instant Camera

Gifts for Grandma - Fujifilm Instax Camera
Ice blue? Lime green? Flamingo pink? Fun colors are just the beginning.

When you’re old, instant gratification isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. So give your grandma the simplest and easiest to use instant camera ever made, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. All she has to do is point, shoot, and shake for candid shots that are perfect for the fridge, scrapbooking, or passing around the old folks home.


4. The New York Times Custom Birthday Book

Gifts for Grandma and Grandpa - NYTimes Birthday Book
The arc of a life well lived, told through the front pages of a favorite newspaper.

There’s nothing like a vintage newspaper to unleash a flood of old memories and fun stories about the good ‘ol days. This custom New York Times birthday book is assembled from the vault starting with the day your grandma or grandpa was born. It then includes the front page from each subsequent birthday up to the present day.

Similar custom birthday book editions are also available for The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Dallas News, and Seattle Times.


5. An Auto-Updating Digital Photo Frame

Gifts for Grandma - Digital Photo Frame
The Nixplay Seed plays nice with online photo sources and works with Alexa too!

No one wants to visit grandma’s house and watch the same tired family photos circulate endlessly. That’s why this 10-inch high resolution photo frame seamlessly connects to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or a cloud photo storage account via WiFi. Point it towards your Instagram account and grandma and grandpa can can follow along like true fans.


6. A Modern Stylish Tea Pot

This ten cup tea pot will do more to bring your granny up to date than a Facebook account could ever do.

If your grandma is a proper type who serves tea in the afternoon, this cool modern porcelain and wood tea pot from Good Grace Co. is sure to impress her friends. This contemporary slip-cast creation is a truly special piece that’s meant to be used daily and hand washed with care. Take her tea up a notch and throw in a Simple Loose Leaf subscription while you’re at it!


7. Memories for My Grandchild Book

Gifts for Grandma - Memories Book
The lay flat binding and colorful questions and prompts make this a fun and easy way to stroll down memory lane.

This spiral bound keepsake memory book includes plenty of fun prompts designed to get grandma and grandpa to record their favorite memories from a lifetime of education, work, love, and marriage. The archival acid-free paper takes a pen smoothly and won’t run or fade over the years to come. Guided questions make it easy to pour your heart out and a nifty storage pocket in the back is perfect for tucking away a few favorite photos.


8. An Extended Family Portrait

Gifts for Grandma - Extended Family Portrait
Your family doesn’t have to be this big to make a custom illustrated portrait worth the wait.

Etsy is full of talented illustrators and Elaine of Ink Lane Design is one of the best. Just provide a photo of each member of your extended family, and she’ll turn around an awesome custom portrait and ship it directly to grandma and grandpa. They’re rightfully proud of the family they’ve spawned. Make it easy and stylish for them to show you off!

Order early. Elaine is in high demand and usually needs 6+ weeks to turn your custom portrait.


9. “Promoted to Grandma & Grandpa” Mugs

Gifts for Grandma - Promoted Mugs
Here’s to the new baby and the grandparents who will take said new baby off your hands as often as possible!

You don’t have to throw a big reveal party to unleash these surprise mugs on the unsuspecting grandma and grandpa-to-be. You just have to be proud of them for being excellent parents (at least some of the time!). Send these mugs along with that Keurig coffee machine we mentioned earlier and grandma and grandpa will be raring to go. Throw in a luxurious Driftaway Coffee subscription to boot if you’re feeling extra generous.


10. A Perfectly-Sized Blank Recipe Book

Gifts for Grandma - Blank Recipe Book
Your grandma may know all her recipes by heart, which is all the more reason to have her get them down on paper now.

If your grandma cooks up a storm (like mine did for more than 60 years), she’ll love jotting down her tried and true favorites in this efficient 5 x 7″ blank recipe book. If she needs more than the included 100 blank pages, just download and print until her heart’s content and your stomach’s full.


11. TABLE TOPICS: Family Gathering

Gifts for Grandma - Table Topics
Crack the cube to reveal 135 conversation starters designed to connect across generations.

The best thing about Table Topics: Family Gathering is that you don’t have to think of good questions. They’re right there in front of you. Just the read the card and you’re off on a whole new tangent that you’ve probably never before discussed.


Did we miss one of your favorite gifts for grandma? Tell us about it in the comments and we might include it in a regular post update.

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