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Get Well Gifts for Men: 11 Ways to Say You’ll Be Okay

Whatever you do, don’t send flowers. And don’t send one of those edible fruit arrangements either. When it comes to get well gifts for men, you’ll need to be a bit more selective to get the sentiment just right. Aim for, “It’s gonna be all right,” rather than, “I have so much sympathy for you.” It’s a get well soon gift, after all.

The List: 11 Reliable Get Well Gifts for Men

1. Send Him a Man Crate

Recovering from a surprise bear encounter? Send him the backcountry survival kit.

Man Crates have been around for a few years and it’s pretty cool to have something show up in a wooden crate or metal ammo box. I’d stay away from the coffee/bacon/jerky themed options for a get well gift, and opt for something outdoorsy or sports-related instead. Some of their DIY Kits for guys would work nicely for someone who’s laid up at home for a while with nothing much to do.


2. Send Him a Cheeky Card

Get Well Gifts for Men - Cheeky Cards
Find the right card for whatever ails him!

The odds of finding the perfect get well soon card at your local bookstore are nearly zero. Fortunately, Etsy has a nearly endless supply of subtle wit, in your face humor, and snarky style. Here are a few of our favorite get well cards for him, available directly from the artists:


3. Send Him a Lemon Ball

Get Well Gifts for Men - Lemon Balls
Fine craftsmanship you can hold in your hand.

Lemon Balls are vintage-style handmade leather baseballs from Paul Cunningham’s workshop in Glen Rock, New Jersey. They’re an indulgence few men would buy for themselves, so it’s up to you to make it happen for him. There’s no better way to say, “You’ll be up and at ’em again soon!”


4. Send Him a Batch of Beer Soap

Get Well Gifts for Men - Beer Soap
Why use soap that smells like lavender or some other delicate herb, when you can lather up with some suds-y beer?

While a cooler full of his favorite IPA might be a bit premature, it’s not too soon to send your sick dude a fresh supply of beer soap. There’s nothing like a hot shower and the aroma of a lukewarm Guinness to nurse him back to health. The Fattys Soap Co. 4-pack is hard to beat at only 10 bucks, but we also like this hockey puck 6-pack from Swag Brewery with free Prime shipping.


5. Send Him Zesty Grilling Rubs

Get Well Soon Gifts for Men - Grilling Rubs
Gusto’s 5-pack of popular grilling rubs comes wrapped and ready to gift.

Let him know you’re confident he’ll be back out there manning the grill in no time by sending him our favorite set of barbecue rubs. Gusto’s sampler set covers all the bases: North Carolina, Kansas City, Texas, Memphis, and California too. All for less than 20 bucks!


6. Send Him the Fart Dictionary

Get Well Gifts for Men - Fart Dictionary
A deceptively simple book with more than a whiff of laugh-out-loud hilarity.

Fart Dictionary is way more than a gag gift. It’s actually one of the top rated humor books on Amazon. It’s guaranteed to put your ailing man in a good mood unless he’s got a broken rib, in which case laughter is probably not the best medicine. Trust us, it’s much more entertaining than that other potty humor bestseller, What’s Your Poo Telling You?


7. Show Up with Risk! and Stay to Play

Get Well Gifts for Men - Risk! Board Game
We like the retro edition with the original rules, colorful map, and cool wooden army pieces.

Passing the time while recovering from surgery or an illness used to be a huge pain. iPads and the Internet changed all that, but a good old-fashioned board game still has huge appeal. Order a copy of the classic edition of Risk! and then drop by for an afternoon of chit chat and global domination. He’ll thank you for some much needed time away from YouTube and re-reading get well emails from people too lazy to show up in person with a board game.


8. Send Him a Stylish Bluetooth Speaker

Get Well Gifts for Men - Marley Chant
Bamboo styling and a recycled hemp case give this small speaker a big presence.

Whether he’s recovering in a cramped hospital room or the luxury of his own bedroom, some upbeat reggae tunes will make a world of difference. And there’s no better device to stream Jamaican beats than the Marley Chant bluetooth wireless speaker. It pumps out solid volume for its size, looks great on a bedside table, and even has a built-in speaker phone for when him mom calls to check in.


9. Send Him Dreams of Tacos Galore

Get Well Gifts for Men - Tacolicious
Take his taco-making to the next level with fairly simple recipes that are easy to follow.

Even novice cooks can knock out the surprisingly simple (and tasty!) taco recipes in Tacolicious. They’re all tried and true favorites from Sara Deseran, who started the venerable San Francisco Mexican restaurant of the same name. Chances are, your man in recovery has probably already had many taco-related thoughts today. Why not indulge him?


10. Send Him a Jedi Robe

Get Well Gifts for Men - Jedi Bathrobe
Make every day a Star Wars spa day!

Recovering from a major illness usually involves a lot of time lounging around the house. Get him up and off the couch with this soft as silk Jedi bathrobe. Why lounge around when you can glide silently from room to room?


11. Send Him Compression Leggings

Get Well Soon Gifts - Compression Leggings
Choose a size and color – many are available with free Prime shipping.

Let him know you’re sure he’ll be back out there for his usual 7AM run before too long. Under Armour’s ColdGear compression leggings for men are the perfect way to stay toasty and contained without overheating on cold mornings. They’re actually kind of perfect to wear around the house too!


Did we miss one of your favorite get well gifts for men? Tell us about it in the comments and we might include it in a regular post update.


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