Missing You: 79 Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Last Updated:  September 13, 2020

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While distance makes the heart grow fonder, surprises make it go faster. Get your out-of-town sweetie’s heart rate up by sending one of our favorite long distance relationship gifts. This post is a special double-header, featuring one list of long distance gift ideas for less than $50 and a second list of ideas over $50 for big spenders.

39 Unique Long Distance Relationship Gifts Under $50

1. Letters to Open When ($15)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Letters to Open When
Write, date for future opening, seal with the included stickers, and send it off! This is really 12 long distance relationship gifts in one.

2. Wooden Postcard ($13)

Wooden Postcard
How far can YOUR love travel?

3. Minibook ($15 for 2)

Pick your 50 favorite Instagram shots and get a book for yourself AND one for your sweetie for 15 bucks.

4. One Day Closer Bracelet ($11-21)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - One Day Closer Bracelet
Time flies when she’s got something to remind her you’ll be together again soon.

5. Playful Romance Coupons ($15)

Romance Coupons
Awesome packaging and creative coupons like Starlight Picnic, Serenade, and Chore Relief make this set of 24 cards unique.

6. Me Without You ($10)

Me Without You
An unusual book of illustrations full of scenarios where only two will do.

7. Custom Engraved “Distance” Frame ($23)

Custom Frame
Keep each other close across time zones with this 5 x 7″ personalized alder wood picture frame. Photo not included!

8. Star-Crossed Lovers Print ($35)

Star Crossed Lovers Print
Each star chart is customized based on a location and a date. Consider it an invitation to play around with the space/time continuum!

9. Tandem Activity Book ($15)

Tandem Activity Book
Send a copy to your sweetie a few weeks before you’ll see each other. Anticipation is everything!

10. Monthly Coffee Delivery ($18)

Brothers Coffee
There’s no better way to make sure your sweetie begins each day thinking of you.

11. Custom “Miss Your Face” Candle ($23)

Custom Candle
Keep your love burning right on through the night with a custom soy candle.

12. Custom Wine Glasses ($32)

Custom Wine Glasses
Propose a toast to the two of you across state lines with a pair of custom sandblasted wine glasses.

13. Date Night Box ($42)

Crated with Love
Order a date night box now and be ready for your next visit. Or get two and open them together over a video call!

14. State Photo Map ($29)

State Photo Map
Pick a state (or country) and a few awesome photos of the two of you for this archival quality custom print.

15. A Naughty Card ($4)

Naughty Card
Need we say more?

16. Two-State Keychains ($24)

State Key Chain Set
Never forget your keys, or each other, with this matching set of long distance keychains.

17. Grow a Girlfriend ($5)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Grow A Girlfriend
When you can’t be there in the flesh, send him your doppelganger in clamshell packaging.

18. King & Queen Pillow Cases ($30)

King & Queen Pillow Cases
The only deal better than pocket aces is knowing you’re the kind and queen of each other’s hearts.

19. Custom Photo Memory Game ($30)

Custom Memory Game
Mix and match cool photos from each of your two locales to make a memory game that’ll bring you together.

20. Monthly Tea Subscription ($9)

Tea Subscription
When you can’t be there to put the kettle on in person, a monthly tea surprise is the next best thing. Subscriptions make great long distance relationship gifts!

21. Canned Love Art Print ($48)

Canned Love Print
Commemorate all those late night phone calls with a framed fine art print. Can you hear me now? The 8 x 10″ version with frame is just under 50 bucks!

22. Grow a Boyfriend ($5)

Grow A Boyfriend
It may not be 100% anatomically correct, but she’ll appreciate the effort nonetheless.

23. Black & Tan Beer Soap ($5)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Beer Soap
Send him beer soap with a note that says, “You know I love the aroma of your raw native self, but I’m not so sure about everyone else!”

24. Coordinates Bracelet ($29)

Coordinates Bracelet
Have your digits engraved in gold and she’ll always know where you are. Or were. Or at least where you’re supposed to be.

25. Hand-Cut Map Puzzle Pieces ($38)

Puzzle Map Pieces
When the pieces fit, you just know it.

26. Custom Care Package ($7)

Care Package Stickers
Trick out your large flat rate care package box with these fancy map stickers.

27. “Hello From the Other Side” Card ($6)

Hello Card
A long distance relationship card for Adele fans only.

28. Two States Watercolor ($25)

Two States Watercolor
Long distance love is like a Venn diagram – apart and overlapping at the same time.

29. Scratch Travel Journal ($25)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Scratch Travel Journal
If your jet-setting sweetie likes to keep track of where they’ve been, this is the travelogue for them!

30. Custom “I Miss Your…” Card ($5)

I Miss Your Card
The best thing about this handmade card is that you can customize it with your own funny, mushy, or explicit options. Or just make your own!

31. GPS Coordinates Pendant ($29)

Coordinates Pendant
Keep track of each other with this simple rustic necklace stamped with your two cities’ coordinates.

32. Letters To My Love ($15)

Letters To My Love
Practice the lost art of letter writing with this nifty batch of prompted airmail-style stationery.

33. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones ($40)

Bluetooth Headphones
Time flies when you’re rocking out on an airplane on your way to see your long distance sweetie.

34. Heart of Gold Art Print ($44)

Heart of Gold
If you know someone with a heart of gold, you better let them know it.

35. Metal Instagram Print ($30)

Metal Photo Print
A metal photo print is as indestructible as your love. It arrives ready to hang, just like your partner.

36. Let Love Grow Air Plant ($18)

Let Love Grow
All you need is love (and a little bit of water) to keep this delicate air plant thriving. One of the most popular long distance relationship gifts of all-time on Etsy!

37. Hiker Crate Subscription ($35)

Hiker Crate
If your long distance partner is prone to long walkabouts, Hiker Crate is a welcome monthly surprise.

38. The Big Activity Book for Couples ($15)

Big Activity Book for Couples
Witty puzzles, games, and quizzes for two will have you laughing and loving all the way to the end.

39. To The Moon & Back Art Print ($42)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Moon & Back Art Print
Grab 32 of your best Instagram shots and then customize the text to say whatever you want.

Bonus Long Distance Gift Idea: Custom Photo Calendar for 2020 ($39)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Photo Calendar
Make it easy for your sweetie to count down the days until you’re together again.

39 Unique Long Distance Relationship Gifts Over $50

1. Facebook Portal with Alexa ($99)

Facebook Portal
Smart Portal is the next best thing to bending space and time. Make a present of being present in your loved ones’ lives, even when you’re miles apart.

2. Custom Maps Printed on Wood ($99)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Heart Maps
It was the best of times; it was the best of times. Your relationship might be a tale of two cities, but remind your love that home is always where the heart is with this personalized heart map thingy.

3. Lovebirds Keepsake Box ($85)

Wooden Keepsake Box
Love grows where this personalized love birds keepsake box goes.

4. Long Distance Friendship Lamps ($170)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Friendship Lamps
We know you’re already a light in your sweetheart’s life, but these are actual lights that will let your partner know when your love is burning bright.

5. Your Voice in Sound Waves Art ($70+)

Your Voice in Sound Waves Art Print
You’re always on the same wavelength. Now you can see what that wavelength looks like.

6. It’s Written in Chocolate ($60)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Message in Chocolate
It’s a scientific fact that we all love to see our names in print. Another scientific fact? We all love chocolate. This personalized cacao is sure to wow!

7. Custom Couples Portrait by Ani McPhee ($198)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Custom Couples Portrait
There’s a reason you two were drawn to each other, so why not be drawn together in a custom portrait by this talented artist?

8. Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless Headphones ($349)

Bose Wireless Headphones
You don’t have to hold a boom-box under her bedroom window. Skip the drama and just get her these Bose rose-pink headphones with noise control. The neighbors will thank you too.

9. Intersection of Love Custom Photo Print ($75+)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Intersection of Love Print
It’s fate that you crossed paths. Memorialize your journey together with this personalized intersection print.

10. Custom Hand-Cut Paper Artwork by Kristen Sgalambro ($210)

Hand Cut States Art
If you’re missing your sweetheart across state lines, cut it out…by ordering an original edition of this hand cut paper artwork.

11. Custom Love is Art Kit ($70)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Love Is Art Kit
For those days when your body bristles with energy like a paint brush ready to pounce. What could possibly be sexier than cotton canvas, non-toxic paint, a drop cloth, and a loofa. Make art, intimately.

12. NutriBullet Blender: Smoothies for One ($50)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Personal Blender
Whether your love is a health nut or just a stone-cold smoothie, this single serve blender is the perfect gift.

13. Custom Sweethearts Cutting Board ($53)

Custom States Cutting Board
The quickest way to your kitchen fanatic’s heart is this personalized two state cutting board.

14. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger ($100)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Lovebox Spinning Messenger
You spin me right round, baby, right round. This spinning heart messenger might just be the coolest useless object your lover will ever own.

15. Art Print Connecting Your Two States ($52)

Two States Art Print
The shortest distance between your two hearts is this artist’s personalized line drawings.

16. Under the Same Moon Pendant ($84)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Same Moon Pendant
Send a message to your favorite celestial body with a little help from the moon and stars and this precious pendant.

17. Porcelain Mugs with Custom Initials ($74)

Porcelain Initials Mugs
Let your first thought every morning be of the love that will power you through your day…with help, of course, from your coffee.

18. Etched Champagne Flutes with Custom Initials ($85)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Etched Champagne Flutes
Artisan-crafted champagne flutes etched with a tree to remind you of the day you put down roots. Cheers to that!

19. Hand Folded Book of Any State ($70)

Folded Book Art
Who wants to read a book when you can display it like origami?

20. Custom Stamped Silver Ring ($94+)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Custom Stamped Ring
Relationship ring of recycled platinum, gold, or silver. Lovingly made for you in the sunny state and stamped with your own personalized message.

21. Simpsons-esque Custom Portraits for Two ($60)

Custom Simpsons Art
Didn’t you always want to be a Futurama or Simpson’s character?

22. Leather Passport Wallet with Your Handwriting ($58)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Leather Passport Wallet
Life’s an adventure. Don’t forget your travel partner. Engrave this passport wallet with your handwritten personalized note.

23. 365 Messages in a Bottle (Mason Jar, Actually) ($150)

365 Love Notes
You’ve heard of a message in a bottle. How about 365 messages in a jar? No way anyone could feel like a castaway with this thoughtful gift!

24. Sterling Bar Necklace with Your Coordinates ($51)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Coordinates Bar Necklace
Instead of getting microchipped, try sending your coordinates to your lover on a sterling silver necklace.

25. Custom Snuggle Doll that Vaguely Looks Like You ($115)

Custom Snuggle Doll
This is not creepy. It’s a snuggler portrait doll. It’s not creepy. Ok, it’s a little creepy, but love can be creepy when you have to do it from a distance.

26. Original Watercolor Map Art by Christina Fesl ($75)

Watercolor State Maps
Water you doing so far away from your sweetheart? Color me impressed if you buy this watercolor map as a reminder of what’s important.

27. Tree Trunk Glassware Set with Custom Initials ($85)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Tree Trunk Glassware
Why not get drunk as a skunk while looking at your initials on a trunk?

28. Custom Love Birds Art by Angela Rummans ($52)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Custom Lovebirds Art
Even when miles apart, this personalized love birds art reminds you that birds of a feather stick together.

29. Carry On Cocktail Kit 3-Pack ($80)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Carry On Cocktails Kit
Maybe you’ll never ride in the cockpit, but you’ll always be a first class lover if you give this cocktail kit.

30. We Found Each Other Custom Puzzle ($129)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Custom Places Puzzle
Piecing together how we found each other among 7 billion people is no small feat!

31. Luxurious Red Velvet Birthday Cake Delivery ($68)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Birthday Cake Delivery
Send your sweetie a sweet red velvet cake draped in cream cheese. Bonus: 5% of your order helps send a cake to a soldier overseas!

32. Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game ($75)

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Connect Four Hearts Game
You’re sure to connect at least the two of you while playing this heirloom quality connect-four set. It’s carved out of maple with a personalized touch.

33. Mixtape Pillow with Your Names ($58)

Mixtape Pillow
Mixtapes were the perfect way to tell someone how you felt. Pair this personalized mixtape pillow with the perfect playlist to retro-up your relationship.

34. Deuter Low-Profile Hiking/Travel Backpack ($130)

Travel Backpack
I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more but I wouldn’t want to do it without this hiking backpack that contours the body for lightweight traveling.

35. His & Hers Luxury Travel Pillows ($55)

His & Hers Travel Pillows
Give this chin-supporting travel pillow to help keep your sweetheart’s chin up while you’re apart. Get one for yourself while you’re at it.

36. Cozy Lined Driving Gloves ($67)

Leather Driving Gloves
Riding gloves make for excellent driving gloves. The soft interior reminds your sweetie what it’s like to be held in your arms while the tough exterior helps put the miles between you in the rearview mirror.

37. Past, Present, Future Necklace ($54)

Past Present Future Necklace
Very few things capture the complexity of love in such a simple way as this past-present-future necklace. Remind your sweetheart that your love is truly eternal with this stylish necklace.

38. Love You to the Moon (and Back) Custom Photo Mix ($71)

Moon Custom Photo Mix
Fill this moon-shaped collage with your best memories and always remember you’ve been everywhere and seen everything together.

39. News Flash Limited Run Art Print ($67)

News Flash Love Print
Don’t let another day go by without breaking this big story.

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