Handmade Etsy Necklaces: 19 Pieces Under $100

Last Updated:  May 15, 2018

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Plug the word necklaces into the Etsy search box and you’re greeted with 3,088,807 results. That’s a lot of handmade Etsy necklaces to sort through! Spend a mere second on each and you’ll miss the next month of your life.

So we did the clicking, browsing, and investigating for you. Only the very best, most delightful, most exquisite, most playful, and most affordable Etsy necklaces made our gift list. Whether it’s made of sterling silver, rose gold, or dried wildflowers, each necklace is handmade by a designer that’s probably new to you.

The best part is that Etsy makes it easy for you to buy directly from the maker, usually at a significant discount to full retail pricing. Whether you’re buying a gift for your mom, girlfriend, wife, or secret sweetie, you’re sure to find something new and delightful on this list!

Our Top Picks: Handmade Etsy Necklaces for 2018

Rachel Pfeffer Designs

Etsy Necklaces - Rachel Pfeffer Designs

Photo Credits: Rachel Pfeffer

Our Necklace Picks #1, 2, 3 & 4: Pizza Slices, Druzy Saturns, Honeycomb & Bee, Pretzels

Why We Love ‘Em: It’s always refreshing to see familiar themes in completely unexpected places. Nothing says playful and approachable like a slice of pizza or a pretzel dangling from your neck.

The recycled silver and bronze pizza slices give a nod to that greasy slice you wolfed down at 2AM the night before. The pizza slice is also available in a sparkly ruby edition for true pepperoni lovers. And the honeycomb/bee combo really shows off the rustic beauty of sterling silver when hammered by hand. Rachel’s whimsical concepts are among our very favorite Etsy necklaces.

Designer: Rachel Pfeffer | Washington DC

Favorite Materials: Bronze, sterling silver, druzy stones, topaz, opals, crystals


Geschmeide Unter Teck

Etsy Necklaces - Geschmeide Unter Teck

Photo Credits: Geschmeide Unter Teck

Our Necklace Picks #5 & 6: Dandelion Blossom Pendant, Daisy Blossom Necklace

Why We Love ‘Em: Step one of the maker’s process? “Gather daisy in the garden.” Each flower is carefully picked and exquisitely dried before suspended in polished resin. Of course each necklace is a little bit unique, just like every flower on Earth. Stop and smell the daisies whenever you want!

Designer: Isabell | Germany

Favorite Materials: Fresh picked flowers, resin, sterling silver



Etsy Necklaces: Tanith

Photo Credits: Tanith

Our Necklace Picks #7 & 8: Brass Auto Lightbulb, Blue Light Special

Why We Love ‘Em: Vintage shops and found objects have always been a key source of inspiration for new Leafcutter product ideas. And the “You light up my life” tiny package was one of the first we ever offered. In Tanith’s capable hands, specialty lightbulbs and other tiny mechanical objects become surprisingly unique necklaces. It’s fun to imagine all the moments, now lost to the past, in which the lightbulb hanging around your neck surged with electricity and lit up. Now you’ll be the one lighting up the evening!

Designer: Tanith Rohe | San Francisco, CA

Favorite Materials: Copper wire, old lightbulbs, other up-cycled materials


Layered And Long

Etsy Necklaces - Layered and Long

Photo Credits: Layered and Long

Our Necklace Picks #9 & 10: Moon Phase Necklaces, Tiny Skulls

Why We Love ‘Em: These ever-so-dainty designs are lightweight and very reasonably priced. Similar to our Moon Cowl concept, you can pick up the Moon Phase Necklaces in waxing, waning, and full. Then wear the one that most closely matches the current phase of the moon. And while most skull necklaces come off a bit macabre, these almost seem cute, with their soft corners and perfectly rounded eye sockets. More intriguing than scary!

Designer: Chrissy Lavdovsky | La Conner, WA

Favorite Materials: Sterling silver, gold fill


Laon Ato

Etsy Necklaces - Laon Ato

Photo Credits: Laon Ato

Our Necklace Picks #11 & 12: Beehives, Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Set

Why We Love ‘Em: With over 300 different necklace designs, Laonato’s playful line ranges from woodland animals to geometric shapes to fruits and flowers and back again. Many pieces are available in different materials and finishes, and they’re all extremely affordable. We particularly enjoy the abstract beehive design (shown above) and the two piece jigsaw puzzle necklace set, which is intended to be shared with a good friend. It kind of reminds us of those twin popsicles we used to crack apart and share as kids on hot summer days!

Designer: Jinny | Seoul, South Korea

Favorite Materials: Gold, silver, and brass plating


Villa Sorgenfrei

Etsy Necklaces - Villa Sorgenfrei

Photo Credits: Villa Sorgenfrei

Our Necklace Picks #13, 14, 15 & 16: Concrete with Dried Moss, Summer Baby’s Breath, Black Sea Amber, Climbing Tree Frog

Why We Love ‘Em: Plenty of folks on Etsy are using dried flowers and other natural ingredients, but Villa Sorgenfrei’s designs are among the best executed. The colors really pop and the glass is thick enough to ensure you (and the mail carrier) stay dry for years to come. And you get the additional benefit of incredibly low prices due to the current dollar/euro exchange rate. Claudia and Dirk do most of the making and packaging from their workshop in Berlin, with a small team of helpers. It’s a classic Etsy success story!

Designer: Claudia Poepsel | Berlin, Germany

Favorite Materials: Glass, water, sea water, dried flowers/leaves/moss, stones and minerals


The Pendant Emporium

Etsy Necklaces - Pendant Emporium

Photo Credits: Pendant Emporium

Our Necklace Pick #17: Vintage Map Pendants

Why We Love ‘Em: Sherry and Dan (mother and son) are the vintage ephemera experts when it comes to pendants and other jewelry applications. You’re more than likely to find a stock design that meets your geographical or literary preferences, but if not, they’ll do one up custom for you in 2-3 days. Each pendant comes with many chain options, or you can upgrade to a snake chain or a ball chain if you like. We particularly love some of the vintage map pendants that feature national parks, entire continents, or islands surrounded by bright blue ocean!

Designer: Sherry & Dan | Hardy, AR

Favorite Materials: Vintage paper, plated silver, antique bronze, epoxy resin


Silk Purse Sow’s Ear

Etsy Necklaces - Silk Purse Sow's Ear

Photo Credits: Silk Purse Sow’s Ear

Our Necklace Picks #18 & 19: Tiny Envelope Locket, Turquoise Sea Map Locket

Why We Love ‘Em: If you’re looking for affordably creative Scottish jewelry (and, let’s face it, who isn’t these days?), Silk Purse Sow’s Ear is far and away the best choice. Eilidh’s designs are sometimes quirky, often surprising, and always unique. At only one inch across, her tiny envelope locket just might be the perfect brass envelope for your treasured World’s Smallest Letter. It even has a working clasp so you can take your mini-missive out for a quick look whenever you like. And we just love the milky turquoise seas of these vintage globe lockets. Also be sure to check out the tiny book locket, with room for a secret custom message inside!

Designer: Eilidh Strang | Edinburgh, UK

Favorite Materials: Vintage brass, copper, enamel


Still Looking?

Like we said before, there are more than three million necklaces for sale on Etsy. And nearly nine million jewelry listings in total! The perfect gift for that impossible to shop for woman is surely lurking in there somewhere.

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