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Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs: 9 Warm & Cozy Cups

When it comes to handmade coffee mugs, we feel it’s best to buy these beauties directly from the maker. There’s just no other way to get unique ceramic coffee mugs at a decent price.

But with hundreds of talented makers on Etsy, how will you find just the right one? Well, we did the browsing and sorting and pricing for you. Here are our nine favorite sources for handmade coffee mugs. Every shop ships from the US and has a solid line up of original and limited edition mugs. Some shops even offer free shipping.

Best Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs for 2023

Ceramic Sake Cup - Paper Airplanes
Custom editions like this flying sake cup go fast. If you see something you like in Lisa’s shop, grab it before it’s gone.

Eldredge Ceramics

Lisa Eldredge’s vibrant handmade coffee mugs, pour over cones, and other assorted goodies are heavily influenced by her extensive travels up and down the West  Coast. They’re both rustic and fancy, hefty and exquisite. Hold one in your hand and you can almost feel the weight of the Pacific Ocean as it crashes into the edge of the continent. Every piece is hand thrown, seasoned, and fired over a period of weeks.

Made by Lisa Eldredge in Ashland, OR

Stoneware Ceramic Mug
Nothing keeps liquids hot and your hands cool like stoneware.

Aud Pottery

Audrey’s nicely shaped stoneware coffee mugs are wheel thrown and then glazed with earthen hues for a matte and understated look. The generous handles allow your fingers to slide through easily to warm your hands on the smooth surface. Fired at over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Made by Audrey Riddle in Knoxville, TN

Handmade Coffee Mugs - Dripping Rust
It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this beast holds 28oz! Normal sizes available too.

Droste Pottery

Droste Pottery’s perfectly executed coffee mugs are literally dripping with color. Stare into one of these beauties first thing in the morning and you’ll see brown, red, blue, green, and just about everything in between. Amy mixes her own custom glazes and shapes each mug by hand., so you won’t find this exact look anywhere else.

Made by Amy Droste in Grand Blanc, MI

Unique Coffee Mug - Dragon Breath
Fire up your mornings with a steaming cup of dragon’s brew.

Turtle Rok Pottery

You don’t have to love Game of Thrones to enjoy Rachael Varga’s creative handmade coffee mugs. She’s a master at coaxing color out of thin air. Rich blues, greens, and browns swirl across her entire line of inventive pottery goods. Make your selections early because pretty much everything is wheel thrown and individually glazed in Rachael’s Florida studio.

Made by Rachael Varga in Bradenton, FL

Huge Coffee Mug - Beer Stein Too
Black coffee by morning. Oatmeal stout by night.

Roseline Pottery

Travis’ trademark pottery designs somehow manage to look burly and contemporary at the same time. The contrast of the matte black glaze and gritty earthenware offers visual appeal and a non-slip bottom. The oversize handle provides a solid grip, so hang on tight and this modern coffee mug should last a lifetime!

Made by Travis Sudweeks in Salt Lake City, UT

Hertz Pottery Mug
This understated 10oz turquoise mug is just about right. Even the handle is two-toned!

Hertz Pottery

There’s a subtle simplicity to Hertz Pottery’s upright handmade coffee mugs that exudes a calm and easy style. Perhaps it’s a product of Erik Hertz’s decades of teaching ceramics and repairing kilns at schools across Florida. Time and experience often have a way of reducing forms to their most refined elements. While you won’t usually find a huge selection of mugs in Erik’s Etsy shop, everything you see is one of a kind and ready to ship.

Made by Erik Hertz in Melbourne, FL

Ceramic Tea Cups
Bright colors and bumpy surfaces make your morning dose of espresso more playful.

Jen Spring Ceramics

While vases and planters dominate Jennifer Spring’s Etsy shop, the few coffee and tea vessels she dabbles in are truly unique. Mid-century modern influences abound with rich colors hiding behind stark white surfaces. For those of you that prefer to pull your coffee rather than pour it, these colorful studded cups are perfect for little shots of caffeine-laced goodness. There’s also a true mug edition with enough room for your Americano.

Made by Jennifer Spring in Seattle, WA

Handmade Coffee Mugs
Ditch the hipster look for a spell and sip from this hand carved 10oz mug instead.

Finished By Fire

With a full line up of hand carved designs layered over perfectly balanced forms, Sheila’s line of pottery mugs is refreshingly timeless. Her original designs run the gamut from organic to mathematical; loose and flowing to rigid and repetitious. There’s even a mug inspired by a Black Panther t-shirt!

Made by Sheila in Madison, WI

Pottery Mug - Swirled
Fully formed. Lightly smooshed.

Woodshop Pottery

Legend has it that Bill Kitt has been a woodworker his entire life, but only got into pottery in 2017. That’s our gain because his handmade pottery mugs are fresh and inventive, with personal touches like a crumpled base and subtle notches where the handle connects. Each mug is wheel thrown and shaped by hand, and there’s a color and a shape to suit just about every preference.

Made by Woodshop Pottery in Leesburg, VA

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