Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs: 9 Warm & Cozy Cups

When it comes to handmade ceramic coffee mugs, you want to buy directly from the maker whenever possible. It’s a special gift indeed when you select an original hand thrown pottery mug made by a true artisan. You’ll usually get the best deal by going direct to the artist, and the best way to do that is almost always via Etsy.

But with thousands of pottery shops on Etsy, how will you find just the right one? Well, we did the browsing and sorting and pricing for you and here are our 9 favorite handmade ceramic coffee mugs available on Etsy. Each artisan ships from the US and has a solid track record with plenty of happily satisfied coffee and tea drinkers among their customers.


The List: 9 Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs


1. Sunrise Tumbler in Mint

Handmade Pottery Coffee Mugs - Sunrise
Inspired by the refracted light of a southwest sunrise.

This exquisite ceramic coffee mug is thrown on a potter’s wheel in fine white porcelain and then trimmed and shaped to the contours of a human hand. The walls are thick to keep your hands from getting too hot and the hand carved black and white texture gives a nice solid grip. No handle needed. Each cup goes through multiple glazings and firings over a two week timeframe, and then emerges as something truly special and unique. No two mugs are quite alike.

Made by Lisa Eldredge in Ashland, OR.

Buy on Etsy $45 >


2. Mountain Blue Dipped

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs - Aud Pottery
Check it out: the handle is dipped in blue too.

This uniquely shaped stoneware coffee mug is wheel thrown and then glazed with “jurassic brown” and “mountain blue.” The generous handle allows for a few fingers to slide through as you warm your hands on the smooth surface. Fired at over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Made by Audrey Riddle in Knoxville, TN.

Buy on Etsy $24 >


3. Speckled Latte Cup

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mug - Speckled Latte
This low and wide style is virtually unspillable!

If you’re prone to bleary-eyed clumsiness and frequent spills first thing in the morning, perhaps you need a more stable mug. These rustic speckled cups are perfect for 12 oz lattes, cappuccinos, or plain old drip coffee. The lower bit is left unglazed and is rough to the touch while the upper part and 100% of the interior is finished in a baby blue matte.

Made by Marie Wingate in West Palm Beach, FL.

Buy on Etsy $28 >


4. Forest Green Spiral

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs - Forest Green Spiral
A textured and layered mug with a wide base for stability.

Creative design elements are what make this solidly built ceramic coffee mug a real standout. Wheel thrown and individually glazed, the subtle color transition and gentle spiral design give this mug a warm and soothing feel. You can’t see much of it in the photo, but there’s also a cool arrow pattern on the stay-cool handle.

Made by Rachael Varga in Bradenton, FL.

Buy on Etsy $26 >


5. Black Earthen Mug

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs - Black Glaze
This beast holds 20 oz, enough caffeine to jolt a horse!

Slightly misshapen and delightfully imperfect, these burly mugs feature a matte black glaze up top and gritty earthenware down low. If the coffee drinker in your life needs A LOT of coffee to get things going, you can’t go wrong with this behemoth. The oversize handle provides a solid grip. Hang on tight and this handmade mug should last a lifetime!

Made by Travis Sudweeks in Salt Lake City, UT.

Buy on Etsy $26 >


6. Hand Painted Chevron

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs - White Chevron
The humble coffee mug as canvas. Each is hand painted one at a time!

This delicate and slightly off white porcelain mug is custom made for any modern art lover. The variated chevron pattern is applied by hand with a black underglaze. A clear glossy layer on top really makes it pop. The handle is just barely big enough to slide two fingers through as you warm your hands against the sides of the cup.

Made by Maya in Idaho Falls, ID.

Buy on Etsy $38 >


7. Studded Espresso Cups

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs - Studded Espresso Cups
Bright colors and bumpy surfaces make your morning dose of espresso more playful.

So these aren’t technically mugs of course, but they’re so imaginative and unique that we just had to include them. For those of you that prefer to pull your coffee rather than pour it, these colorful studded cups are perfect for little shots of caffeine laced goodness. There’s also a true mug edition¬†with enough room for your Americano.

Made by Jennifer Spring in Seattle, WA.

Buy on Etsy $28 >


8. Small, Solid & Striped

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs - Fluted
If you’re into textures, you need a fluted mug!

These 10 oz handmade ceramic coffee mugs are smaller than they appear, but are solid enough to stand up to plenty of wear and tear. The cinnamon clay they’re made of is locally sourced in Northern California and left raw on the bottom and the top edge. Tactile textures abound!

Made by Sven Jobe in San Francisco, CA.

Buy on Etsy $30 >


9. Modern Art Handles

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs - Crazy Handles
Choose from among four wild and wacky handle shapes.

The loopy handles on these speckled hand thrown mugs really steal the show. Lightweight and clocking in at only 10 oz, these simple ceramic cups are great conversation pieces. Order a mixed set of two and break them out as a surprise on a cold Sunday morning!

Made by SLIP Clayware in Brooklyn, NY.

Buy on Etsy $28 >


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Did we fail to include your favorite pottery coffee mug? Tell us about it in the comments and we might include it in a regular post update.


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