Stone Cold Happy: 19 Great Gifts for Avocado Lovers

We all know someone with a weak spot for avocados, and it’s one vulnerability that we might as well indulge. After all, avocados are chock full of healthy unsaturated fats, fiber, potassium, and key vitamins. They taste pretty good too. And they’re also kinda funky looking, which means there are a bunch of creative gifts for avocado lovers out there. Here are 19 of our absolute favorites!

The List: 19 Original Gifts for Avocado Lovers

1. Pet Avocado ($7)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Pet Avocado
He’s just so dang cute you’ll want to take him everywhere.

Who wouldn’t love this little avocado dude? He’s got a pit in his stomach yet keeps on smiling anyways. If your avocado lover is a bit of a minimalist or perhaps doesn’t like to get her hands dirty with real avocados, this is an easy winner.


2. Artisanal Avocado Oil ($11)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - La Tourangelle
Mild flavor and a high smoke point make avocado oil a no-brainer for serious chefs.

La Tourangelle is like the Ferrari of oils. The mere fact that it’s in a can instead of a glass bottle tells you something fancy is going on. To find out exactly what, just order a can and rub it all over your body.

Seriously, you can apply a thin coat after a shower for supple soft skin or use it generously in salad dressings or for a high-temp sauté of your favorite vegetables. There’s no telling how many avocados are in a single can of La Tourangelle Avocado Oil.


3. Good Morning Sunshine Mug ($17)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Sunshine Mug
Why pay $12 for avocado toast and another $4 for coffee, when you can just make your own at home?

This illustrated avocado mug from Kathy Weller is about as cheery as it gets. Why start the day with anything less than a full dose of over-the-top happiness? It’s perfect for someone who loves a strong cup of coffee as much as a perfectly ripe avocado.


4. Fine Art Print Featuring Avocado-ish Greens ($23+)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Fine Art Print
Who wouldn’t love these colors?

Fine art prints make for ideal housewarming gifts and this is one piece that every avocado lover is sure to appreciate. Muted greens flow like creamy guacamole in this limited edition abstract landscape titled, “Opportunities of Golden Magnitude.”


5. Friendship Keychain Set ($18)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Keychain Set
Sometimes awesome gifts come in really small packages.

Handmade from polymer clay, this two-of-a-kind avocado keychain set is perfect for a BFF or Valentine’s Day gift. Give the pitted one to your better half and keep the other for yourself to remember that one thing that’s even better than avocados: true love.


6. Three-in-One Avocado Slicer ($10)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Slicer
Don’t be fooled by a cheap knock-off. The Oxo Good Grips slicer is the one that works!

If your avocado lover is a bit of a purist in the kitchen, then this probably isn’t the right gift. But for everyone else who doesn’t mind taking a shortcut every now and then, this nifty avocado slicer is a real treat. It cuts, pits, and slices a ripe avocado in three easy steps with absolutely no risk to life or limb. Of course, it’s only available in rich avocado green!


7. An Avocado A Day: 70+ Recipes ($20)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Recipe Book
To boldly go where few have gone before: beyond the toast, past the guacamole, and into the great green unknown.

If you know someone who buys avocados in bulk at Costco and then makes the same boring avocado toast for breakfast every morning, this delicious recipe book might be a real game changer. Avocado expert Lara Ferroni breaks down everything from breakfast to dessert with easy-to-follow instructions for tasty creations like tequila stuffed avocados, avocado lime pie, avocado curry noodles, and even avocado waffles.

Throw in a high-powered Vitamix blender and you’re on your way to green smoothie heaven.


8. Men’s Bow Tie ($25)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Bow Tie
These beauties are printed on Kona cotton and finished with an adjustable cotton strap.

Tie one on with this high end men’s avocado bow tie from Etsy seller Amanda Jo Handmade. How do we know it’s “high end?” Because she uses needle and thread instead of glue and metal hardware instead of plastic for the adjustable strap. This is one bow tie that will hold its shape through as many costume parties and cocktail mixers you can throw at it.


9. Good Looking T-Shirt for Her ($18)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Cheeky T-Shirt
Profess your love of avocados loud and clear!

The only thing better than a soft ripe avocado is a pair of them! Celebrate your favorite female avocado lover with a comfy fitted avocado t-shirt. You don’t have to be vegan to appreciate this fun and cheeky design from Dentz Denim.


10. Avocado-Inspired Greeting Card ($3+)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Greeting Cards
Who knew the avocado card would become a category unto itself?

With so many avocado lovers out there, it’s no wonder there’s a huge selection of ripe and witty greeting cards to choose from. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or just a random Tuesday, we’re sure you’ll find something that strikes just the right note.


11. Avocado Stud Earrings ($9)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Stud Earrings
Nothing fancy here. Just simple stud earrings for less than ten bucks!

Can there be any doubt that these avocado studs are in fact trendy? I mean, it says so right on the packaging. Who are we to argue? They’re also easy on sensitive skin and super lightweight. They’re a perfect pair for the avocado-loving lady in your life.


12. AvoSeedo: Grow Your Own Avocado Tree ($11)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Avo Seedo
This is one of the coolest looking tree starter kits we’ve seen.

Why buy a tree when you can grow your own? Just peel your next avocado pit and drop it in the AvoSeedo bowl. Then kick back and give it 3-6 weeks to germinate. When your new tree is 8-10″ high and has a few leaves, take it outside and plant it in the ground. Pretty soon you’ll be plucking fresh avocados for free instead of trekking across town to stock up at Costco.


13. Authentic Lava Rock Molcajete ($44)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Lava Rock Molcajete
If you’re serving guac in a plain old bowl, you’re doing it all wrong!

If it doesn’t have a carved head on the bowl, it ain’t the real thing! So says any self-respecting guacamole maker this side of the Rio Grande. If your avocado lover is making guac on a regular basis, this pig head lava rock molcajete is worth the extra few bucks. The stone bowl and pestle are easier on the hand than a fork and reduces avocados to the proper consistency in no time flat. Just don’t forget to add the salt, lime, cilantro,  tomato, onion, and garlic!


14. Mid-Century Modern Avocado Tea Towel ($18)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Tea Towel
Why should all your tea towels be made of linen? Because they leave no lint!

When you’re giving a tea towel as a gift, it really pays to splurge a little and go with something 100% linen. You want that soft-in-your-hands matte feel. And if you can find a design you like that’s screen printed instead of ironed on, then you’re really onto something. This modern Avocado Tea Towel from Etsy seller Moon Tea Studio fits the bill perfectly. The brown stitching around the edges is a nice bonus!


15. Sonicare Toothbrush in Guacamole ($40)

Never again fall asleep with guac between your teeth. It turns black, you know?

This colorful Sonicare 2 Series toothbrush is for serious guacamole fans only. Of course it sports all the nifty features of a Sonicare automatic brush: professional grade plaque removal, an amazing 31,000 brush strokes per minute, and most importantly, patented corn chip fragment removal technology.


16. Avocado Blossom Honey ($14)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Raw Blossom Honey
Who knew avocado blossom honey was even a thing?

Donoxti’s Raw Avocado Blossom Honey is a thick spreadable honey that’s not for the faint of heart. If you usually take your tea with a dainty cube of sugar, this may be a bridge too far. But for those who like bold flavors with a hint of molasses and avocado, this gourmet goodness is sure to delight the senses.


17. A Fresh Guac Recipe for Each Month of the Year ($25)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Frontera
If you’re looking to expand your guacamole repertoire, there’s no better place to start.

Rick Bayless may be from Oklahoma, but his margaritas and guacamoles are straight outta Mexico. Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamole, and Snacks is Rick’s impeccably researched 2012 book featuring a new seasonal guacamole recipe for each month of the year. Concise instructions make it easy for even amateur chefs to whip up some guac and pair it with Rick’s famous tequila and mezcal margaritas.


18. Downloadable Kitchen Print ($5)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Too Late Print
So true!

To get this silly piece of kitchen art in a high-resolution 8 x 10 digital file, just pay, download, and print. It’s one of the cheapest gifts for avocado lovers we could find that still meets our standards for originality.


19. Nesting Guac & Salsa Bowls ($45)

Gifts for Avocado Lovers - Nesting Bowls
Each diagram breaks down the proper proportions of key ingredients. Nifty eh?

This creative set of illustrated nesting bowls features original artwork by Alyson Thomas that doubles as a recipe reminder for guacamole and salsa. Take your snacking game up a notch and serve with a bit more style!


Did we miss one of your favorite gifts for avocado lovers? Tell us about it in the comments and we might include your suggestion in a regular post update.

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