14 Special Gifts for Tea Lovers

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Finding new gifts for tea lovers is hard because when someone loves something, they tend to have all the bases covered already. They probably already have a favorite tea kettle, a tried and true ceramic cup, and plenty of actual tea!

You’ve got to dig a bit deeper if you really want to dazzle and surprise the tea drinker in your life. So, here are our 14 favorite and unconventional gifts for tea lovers, at price points from $8 to $80.


Gifts for Tea Lovers: The List!

1. Tea Drops: Just Drop, Stir, and Drink

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Tea Drops

Real tea leaves + sugar + spices = Tea Drops. Put one drop in a cup, add boiling water and then stir for a few seconds. Voila, your new flavorful tea blend is ready to drink!

Sashee Chandran makes these ingenious little spiced tea morsels in California, which come 25 to a box in 5 different teas: Citrus Ginger, Vanilla White, Rose Earl Grey, Sweet Peppermint, and Matcha Green Tea. Explore new flavors without the hassle and expense of stocking the actual spices. Impress your guests with a calming cup of tea at the drop of a drop!


2. Herbal Bath Tea Kits: Add Plenty of Hot Water

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Herbal Bath Tea Kits

What better way to test the depths of your love of tea than to bathe in it? Relax and let little waves of aroma wash your stresses away. These herbal tea soaking kits are made in New Jersey by Etsy shop MuscleMermaids and each resealable kit is good for 4-5 soaking sessions with the included muslin sacks. This is one of our favorite gifts for tea lovers who already have a huge stash of drinkable teas to choose from.

Five different blends are available: Soothing/Healing, Relax/Sleep, Stimulate/Rejuvenate, Sore Muscles, and Congestion Relief. All ingredients are organic and even without artificial preservatives they’ll last a solid 9-12 months in the bag.


3. Tea Infuser Mug Set: Wheel Thrown in Wisconsin

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Handmade Tea Cups
Jackie Matelski runs her one-woman Toast Ceramics operation out of a converted garage in Madison, WI. Even if the tea drinker in your life already has a favorite mug, this hand-drawn and hand-painted ceramic set with infuser and lid/saucer offers tough competition. The infuser is large enough to let tea leaves expand properly, while the lid keeps the tea hot when steeping and then acts as a coaster when it’s done brewing. You can even put it in the dishwasher and microwave! Jackie also accepts custom orders if you’re looking to commission something truly one-of-a-kind. Jackie’s custom ceramics are special gifts for tea lovers that appreciate fine crafts(wo)menship.


4. The Tea Towel: Everything You Need to Knowthe tea towel

This smart infographic tea towel is bursting with facts, snippets, and musings on the second most popular drink in the world: tea! Designed by Stuart Gardiner and printed in the UK on 100% organic cotton, it would be equally at home in a frame on the wall as hanging in the kitchen. It’s a perfect gift for a tea lover with a mind like a sponge. Or anyone who tends to spill every now and then!


5. Chai Dice & Organic Spice Kit: Experimental Brewing

chai dice and spices
Chai Dice from Leafcutter Designs encourage creativity, spontaneity, and an exploration of new intriguing flavors. Each set includes eight dice featuring both traditional and experimental chai ingredients. Just roll the dice, gather up ingredients, and fire up a burner to start exploring the endless flavor possibilities. There’s also an optional organic spice kit add-on with enough ingredients to make about 50 adventurous cups of chai.


6. Tea Infuser Travel Mug: Stay Loose!

Long Distance Relationship Gifts - Travel Tea Infuser

The Pure Zen Tea Tumbler is one of the best and most stylish travel tea systems available. It’s very reasonably priced too! The glass is double walled to keep your tea hot (or cold if you prefer) for an hour or more and the screw on lid doesn’t leak. We’ll say that again, it doesn’t leak!

You can use course grounds to brew coffee or pretty much any loose leaf tea. You do have to screw the lid off to take a sip, but we actually prefer this design because those easy-sip windows always end up leaking.

There’s no better way to take your favorite brew on the road, around the office, or out to the patio!


7. Tea of the Month Subscription: Keep it Fresh

Your tea lover might have their own favorite brew, but variety is the spice of life. Why not give them a new organic blend every month automatically? The one tea per month subscription option includes one specially selected seasonal tea, an extra tea sample, brewing instructions, and pairing suggestions. Each month’s tea delivery is enough to make around 15-20 cups, which means the pricing works out to only about 50 cents per cup. There are options to purchase three, six, or twelve-month subscriptions. Folks seem to love their monthly tea newsletter too!

Also check out Simple Loose Leaf’s awesome $9/mo subscription box. It’s the best deal around and the teas are delightful.


8. NovelTea Tins: War & Peach, and More…

noveltea tin
These NovelTea Tins are more than meets the eye. Each beautifully designed tin book hides an equally delicious tea inside. Once your recipient is done with the tea they can use the tin to store keepsakes, or more tea! It’s a two in one gift! The teas are paired with punny plays on classic book titles. For example, Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Earl Grey” contains Wilde’s Rosy Earl Grey Tea Blend. Each tea comes in a 3 oz. resealable bag complete with proper brewing instructions. These are perfect gifts for tea lovers who appreciate classic literature.


9. The “Perfect” Tea Strainer

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Perfect Tea Strainer
Every aficionado of loose leaf tea has a strainer. But they don’t all have the perfect tea strainer. This is it!

David’s Tea designed this stainless steel infuser with a super fine mesh so that even the smallest particles can’t escape into your brew. It’s also large enough for tea leaves to expand to their full flavor potential and slides easily over the top of most standard sized cups and teapots. The included ceramic coaster doubles as a lid. This the last infuser your tea lover will ever own.


10. Tea Plant Kit: Grow Your Own Tea Leaves

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Chamomile Kit

Let your tea loving friend grow their own tea! Even if they’ve brewed every variety of tea imaginable, they probably have never grown and steeped their own herbal tea from scratch. This Chamomile plant kit comes with supplies to grow your own fragrant herbal tea ingredients and detailed instructions to make sure everything goes smoothly. Master grower John Watkins’ kits ship from the UK, so be sure to order early. There’s also an arabica coffee plant kit, a mojito kit, and tons of others!


11. Green Herbal Tea Kit: Make Your Own Custom Blends

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Green Herbal Tea Kit

Julie Pedersen created this aromatic herbal green tea kit to guide tea drinkers on a path of exploration. Combine the nine spices and herbs with included green teas from Japan, Sri Lanka, and India to discover your own special mix. What happens when you combine peppermint, hibiscus, and jasmine? Do childhood memories come flooding back? Does it remind you of that relaxing trip to Hawaii last year? This is one of our favorite gifts for tea lovers who like to experiment with new flavors.


12. Go Tea Tasting: It’s Social, Tasty, and Usually Free

Gifts for Tea Lovers - Tea Tasting

Tasting isn’t only for oenophiles, you know. Tea lovers can usually snag a few sips on the house too. You just have to ask. Most tea shops will steep a few different teas and blends for you to try on the spot. So maybe do a Google search for tea shops near you, make a note of two or three promising options, and then set aside an afternoon to go tea tasting together. Hit a few different places if you can as each experience will be a bit different. Buy your tea lover a few ounces of whatever their favorite is at each shop. Be sure to sample something unusual. You just might surprise yourself. Most importantly, enjoy the time together!


13. DIY Hand-Stitched Tea Bags

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Hand Stitched Tea Bags

Give the simple disposable tea bag a luxuriously hand crafted update. This step-by-step tutorial from Leafcutter Designs is easy to follow and you can crank out a bunch of these quickly once you have all your tools and materials ready to go. But why go to so much trouble for something that will get used up so quickly? Because that’s the magic of performance art. Make just a few of these by hand and it’ll become a gift that’s remembered well beyond the last sip.


14. Mad Science: The Tea Lab

Gifts for Tea Lovers - Tea Lab
Grind up your own special elixir and discover bold new flavors.

Inspired by an authentic tea experience in Vietnam, Thoughtfully’s Tea Lab set is perfect for tea drinkers that love to tinker around with their brew. Peppermint + cinnamon + green tea = ???


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