Gifts for Boss: 13 Ways to Show Who’s Really in Charge

by thegiftler | Last Updated:  January 18, 2018

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When it comes to gifts for your boss, finding just the right thing is more of an art than a science. Ask yourself, does your boss have a sense of humor? Can they take a joke? Do they have interests outside of work? Is his or her ego easily bruised? Choose your gift carefully. Get it wrong and you can probably kiss that end of year bonus goodbye. Hit the right note and you’re on your way to a juicy promotion!

Gifts for Boss: The List!

1. For the Boss with a Potty Mouth: F-Bomb Paperweight

Gifts for Boss - F-Bomb Paperweight

Keep a lid on important papers, even when the expletives are flying.

Show your boss that their occasional outbursts are all in good fun with this heavy duty handmade F Bomb Paperweight. Created by witty sculptor Fred Conlon and produced in his shop in Utah, it’s a playful way to say, “it’s okay to get emotional sometimes, I can take it!” Of course, there’s also an edition for a**holes.


2. For the Boss with a Subtle Wit: Yoda Best Mug

Gifts for Boss - Yoda Best Mug

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate this one.

Whether your boss summons the force on a regular basis or simply appreciates a good pun every now and then, the Yoda Best Boss mug from Etsy shop Dune Studio makes a sweet gift. It’s sincere, funny, original and complimentary all at the same time. But only give it if you mean it. Is your boss really the best?


3. Custom Whiskey Stones for Mad Men Moments

Gifts for Boss - Custom Whiskey Stones

Does your boss keep a bottle under the desk?

Even the most sanguine boss probably needs something to take the edge off every now and again. Give your boss a subtle hint that you’re okay with an occasional end of the day nip, with this personalized whiskey stones set from Etsy shop Home Wet Bar. Who knows, your boss might finally pour a glass for you next time!


4. Is Now a Good Time?

Gifts for Boss - Daily Mood

Pick a mood, any mood, and put everyone on notice!

[easyazon_link identifier=”B0099QYMT6″ locale=”US” tag=”thet081-20″][/easyazon_link]

If your boss has as many moods as there are hours in the day, then perhaps [easyazon_link identifier=”B0099QYMT6″ locale=”US” tag=”thet081-20″]The Daily Mood flip chart[/easyazon_link] will be a welcome addition. With 47 different moods to choose from and accompanying snarky definitions and graphics, you’ll never again have to guess when to bring up that one slippery topic that always seems to get under their skin.


5. Jelly Beans or Gummy Bears?

Gifts for Boss - Unzippered Glass Bag

No desk is complete without a touch of something sweet.

This witty glass sculpture of an unzipped plastic bag serves up both conversation and sweet treats. Load it up with your boss’ favorite afternoon indulgences and then make it magically appear on his or her desk. They’re bound to make room for it!


6. Spin to Win!

Gifts for Boss - Decision Paperweight

Bosses make decisions all day long. Sometimes they need a little help.

Does your boss need a little nudge sometimes? Do they hem and haw a bit on major decisions? Does their judgement start to fade at the end of the day? Give this heavy duty Decision Paperweight a quick spin whenever things get bogged down in too many pros and cons. You’ll keep the gears of industry turning while shrugging off all responsibility should anything go wrong.


7. For PowerPoint Jockeys and Email Mavens

Gifts for Boss - Leather Mousepad

Give your boss the gift of smooth surfing!

Does your boss love to chat while aimlessly clicking around on the screen? Does having their hand on the mouse somehow help them focus? Make sure they keep things moving in the right direction with this personalized leather mouse pad from Etsy shop Holtz Leather. Each one is handmade in the USA and ships from Huntsville, AL.


8. Gold Dipped Rock + Live Air Plant = Sweet Surprise

Gifts for Boss - You Rock

For rockstar bosses only!

Your boss is sure to take this You Rock gift to heart, so only give it if you mean it. Lisa’s fun and wild Etsy shop sports lots of other fun rock planters that make for great gifts for boss. She ships from Los Angeles and these are 100% made in the USA. With 20,000+ of these rocking on desks and nightstands around the country, you can be sure it’ll make a big impression. It only grows with time too!


9. For the Boss with a Big Ego

Gifts for Boss - Bossy Signs

Retro signage for retrograde power trips!

Give your boss license to take him or herself a little less seriously with these Big Personality Desk Signs. The gold trim adds a nice classic touch and the sly sayings serve as not-so-subtle reminders that even bosses need some positive reassurance from time to time.


10. For the IT Guy/Gal (or Frequent Password Forgetters)

Gifts for Boss - Password Block

This is one password you have no chance of ever remembering!

If you toil away in the depths of a big lumbering organization, chances are you have quite a few very complicated passwords to keep track of. This cheeky wooden desk sign is perfect for any boss who complains loudly and often about resetting their password. It’s also a great gift for the IT guy in your life. You know, the one who makes up all the arcane rules for passwords so that they don’t have to take any real responsibility for keeping the hackers out.


11. Some Like it Hot!

Gifts for Boss - Yeti Rambler

All day insulation for the all day coffee drinking boss.

If you often catch your boss nursing the dregs of a cold cup of coffee around 11AM, then bring on the super-insulated Yeti Rambler. We love the fetching Tahoe Blue color for both guys and gals, but it’s also available in plain ‘ol [easyazon_link identifier=”B017792DSI” locale=”US” tag=”thet081-20″]boring stainless steel[/easyazon_link] if you prefer. [easyazon_link identifier=”B01JQ7E7UG” locale=”US” tag=”thet081-20″]Add a handle[/easyazon_link] if your boss has small dainty hands!

Bonus idea: If your boss is more of an artsy type, then order them a special hand-thrown mug from Claylicious.


12. Aspire to be More Zen

Gifts for Boss - Deep Sea Sand Art

Prepare to be mesmerized!

If your boss is prone to hysterical rants and torrents of expletives, then this Deep Sea Sand Art might be just what the doctor ordered. The glass ring rotates, setting off a chain reaction that cycles endlessly through an ebb and flow of mist, mountains, and sea. The show is surprisingly calming and unique every time. Made in Austria and ships from New York.


13. Just Add Fresh Flowers!

Gifts for Boss - Geometric Vase

This vase is guaranteed to get noticed!

This 3D printed geometric vase from Mesh Cloud is perfect for the super-organized type-A boss who likes everything in its proper place. It’s sharp, crisp, and to the point. It’s also bound to be talked about, admired, and coveted for its good looks and hard edges. Pick out some colorful fresh flowers and leave it on your boss’ desk for them to discover in the morning.


So, there you have it, our 13 favorite gifts for boss ideas! Did you give something else that was a huge hit? Let us know in the comments and we might include your idea in one of our regular post updates.

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