Creative Corporate Gifts: 11 Ways to Thank and Impress

Last Updated:  February 26, 2018

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Some of the most creative corporate gifts are hiding in plain sight on Etsy, where craft meets scale. A unique gift item made with care by an artisan or craftsperson will win out over a branded coffee mug or water bottle every time. In fact, when it comes to business gifts, branding is overrated. No one wants to advertise for your company. Everyone wants to receive a beautiful object that is both thoughtful and original. So take a break from branded schwag and enjoy our list of eleven creative corporate gifts that are sure to impress your clients, employees, and partners.

Note that we’ve reached out to all of the makers on our list and confirmed that they can handle the stated quantities. Lead times are rough estimates and should be confirmed with the maker.

11 Creative Corporate Gifts: The List!

1. Punny Air Plants

Creative Corporate Gifts - You Are A Gem

Add a personal message of thanks or gratitude and you’re done!

These rocky air plants from AirFriend are nicely executed and beautifully packaged with sentiments like, “You Are a Gem,” “You Rock,” and “Thank you.” They’ll look snazzy on anyone’s desk and they’re a sweet way to let someone know they’re appreciated without being overly fussy or expensive.

Pricing: $15-36/ea
Quantity: Send 1 or 20+
Lead Time: 3-5 business days


2. “Favorite Peeps” Gift Box

Creative Corporate Gifts - Favorite Peeps Box

Cookies, cactus, confetti, and more!

The “Favorite Peeps” gift box is probably the most versatile of many cheery gift boxes available from Confetti Gift Company, run by two sisters who ship from Laguna Beach, CA. The card is generic enough to be used for lots of different occasions; as a thank you, simple appreciation, or just to say hello, while the contents are creatively packaged. Bonus points for sending a gift box with more than just food, and for supporting a small business!

Pricing: $36/ea
Quantity: Send 1 or 100+
Lead Time: 2-3 business days


3. Candle with Custom Message

Creative Corporate Gifts - Custom Note Candle

The option to include a custom message of more than a few words is key!

These soy wax candles from Hello You Candles are 100% American made and poured by hand. Choose from more than 30 subtle scents like Caramel Latte or Four Leaf Clover to hit just the right note for each recipient. They come wrapped in white or kraft paper, custom printed with your personal message on the back. Even the shipping box is tastefully designed!

Pricing: $20/ea
Quantity: Send 1 or 100+
Lead Time: 1-3 business days


4. Leather Bound Journal

Creative Corporate Gifts - Leather Journal

Choose from three colors of leather, each with 75 lined pages.

These simple leather bound notebooks from the Netherlands are incredibly versatile. They make a nice budget corporate gift for men and women alike, and the supple leather cover can be engraved with a custom name or quote if desired. Guaranteed not to offend anyone’s sense of style, this is a great option for creative types or someone you don’t know very well.

Pricing: $19.50/ea plain cover, $32.50/ea engraved cover
Quantity: Send 1 or 500+
Lead Time: 3-5 business days


5. Avant-Garde Dark Chocolate Snacks

Creative Corporate Gifts - Dark Chocolate Discs

Mendiants are traditional French confections: dark chocolate with suspended fruit and nuts.

Zam Artisan Chocolates is a San Francisco-based maker of fine French style treats that are both fancy and playful. All items are made to order fresh and then ship in insulated pouches with ice bricks. Gift boxes and wrap are included so they’ll look just as stunning when opened on the other end. Our favorites? Dark Chocolate Mendiants, Hand Painted Truffles, and the Bumpy Chocolate Bar.

Pricing: $16/gift-wrapped box
Quantity: Send 1 or 100+
Lead Time: 4-7 business days


6. Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Creative Corporate Gifts - Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Small enough to take anywhere and crisp enough to hear everywhere!

For a nicer option that’s still under 50 bucks, it’s hard to beat this well crafted Acoustic Acorn wireless bamboo speaker. It’s a solid creative corporate gift idea for tech companies that are sick of giving out earbuds! With a thirty foot range and Bluetooth 3.0 technology it’ll play up to 7 hours on a single charge and packs more volume punch than you might expect.

Pricing: $49/ea
Quantity: Send 1 or 100+
Lead Time: 2-7 business days


7. Drippy Espresso Cups

Creative Corporate Gifts - Ceramic Espresso Cups

Espresso, sake, and tequila can all call these little blue tumblers home.

We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love to receive a pair of these generously glazed ceramic cups. Not an espresso drinker? Not a problem if you like sake, tequila, or even a nice strong black tea. You can’t slap your logo on these rustic tumblers, but that’s kind of the point. Handmade in Los Angeles.

Pricing: $38/pair
Quantity: Send 1 or 10+
Lead Time: 1-2 weeks


8. Felt Cord “Tacos”

Creative Corporate Gifts - Cord Tacos

Everyone’s got loose cords. Everyone likes tacos.

These simple “taco” cord organizers are perfect when a small modest gift is in order. They’re sure to get plenty of use, are made from thick luxurious felt, and most gift recipients probably don’t already have one. Pick out colors that match your company’s palette or go with Charcoal and Grey to play it safe.

Pricing: $14/pair
Quantity: Send 1 or 10+ pairs
Lead Time: 1-2 business days


9. Exquisite Potted Plants

Corporate Gifts - Leon & George

The stylish Snake Plant is virtually invincible. Just pick your pot and water it whenever you feel like it!

Office plants have gotten a bad rap for far too long. Léon & George takes foliage up a notch with their premium potted plant offerings of only the hardiest and most perfectly manicured succulents, palms, and other exotic plants. You’ll breathe easier, feel less stress, and gain instant design chops when you introduce a few of these leafy friends to your home or office.

Pricing: $79 and up
Quantity: Send 1 or an entire rainforest
Lead Time: 4-7 days


10. Carrera Marble Coasters

Creative Corporate Gifts - Marble Coasters

Cold and sophisticated on top; soft felt underneath.

These natural stone coasters are perfect for a sleek minimalist office or mid-century coffee table. They’ll appeal to a wide variety of recipients and are well made from Carrera marble with beveled edges and scratch-free felt on the backside. It’s hard to imagine a more useful corporate gift than coasters, and solid stone has enough heft to say, “we actually care about you.”

Pricing: $18/pair, $34/set of four
Quantity: Send a pair or 10+ pairs
Lead Time: 3-5 business days


11. Custom Leather Mousepad

Creative Corporate Gifts - Leather Mousepad

You’d be surprised how few people actually have a mousepad they like!

The humble mousepad is one of the more overlooked and most utilized desk accessories. This well crafted American-made edition from Holtz Leather in Alabama is sure to win out over whatever beat up mouse pad your gift recipient is currently stuck with. Add a monogram or short note up to 15 characters to personalize it and maybe they’ll think of you every time they click!

Pricing: $25/ea
Quantity: Send 1 or 100+
Lead Time: 2-3 weeks


Bonus: Test Tube Tea Sampler

Creative Corporate Gifts - Tea Sampler

Ten different loose leaf teas, packaged neatly in a cigar box.

When it comes to corporate gifting, packaging and presentation counts. This loose leaf tea gifting set from Trio Artisan Designs delivers from the moment it arrives. All ten samples of hand mixed black, green, and herbal teas are packed into test tubes and then racked in a nice wooden box alongside brewing instructions and an infuser. If you know someone’s a tea drinker, you can’t go wrong with this gift box!

Pricing: $56/set
Quantity: Send 1 or 100+ sets
Lead Time: 3-5 business days


Did we miss one of your favorite creative corporate gifts? Do you have a go-to gift item that’s not on our list? Let us know in the comments and we might include it in one of our regular post updates.