5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: Wood

Last Updated:  July 2, 2020

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5 year anniversary gifts are traditionally made of wood, and that opens up all sorts of wonderfully sensual gift options. Wood can be strong, delicate, and fanciful all at once. And there’s a long tradition of making all kinds of surprising things out of this diverse and organic material. Watches? Yep. Flowers? Sure. Posters? Definitely.

Here’s the full list of our favorite wood anniversary gifts. They’re sure to leave your spouse looking forward to another great year!

5 Year Anniversary Gifts: The List!

1. My How the Time Flies: Wooden Watches ($56)

5 Year Anniversary Gift - Wooden Watches
Say something nice to your sweetie on the back!

Does your partner run late sometimes? Or is he punctual to a fault? Mark the passage of time with a handcrafted wooden watch for your 5 year anniversary. Cottonwood Gift Co makes an exquisitely simple men’s wooden watch out of walnut, with a clean and comfortable leather band. They’ll do a custom engraving on the back too!

If you’re looking for a heftier look, we like the Dark Ebony wooden watch from AxMen. For a women’s option, check out this classic modern look from Modply.

2. A Slice of Life: High-End Cutting Boards ($57+)

Cutting Boards
These cutting boards are heirloom pieces you’ll have for decades.

You probably already have a few cutting boards lying around the kitchen, but are any of them conversation pieces? Woodworkers across the country have transformed this utilitarian kitchen workhorse into a fine art form. If your spouse like to slice and dice, maybe it’s time to upgrade their work surface!

Here’s a quick list of our favorite American woodworkers with popular shops on Etsy:

Some offer custom engraving for free or as a paid upgrade, which can be a nice way to personalize a fine cutting board for the chef in your life.

3. Flowers Are Forever: Especially Wooden Ones ($25+)

Wood Anniversary Gift - Wood Flowers
Mix wood flowers with natural materials for a fresh bouquet that lasts.

Save the fresh roses for Valentine’s Day, and give her a bouquet made of sola for your special wood anniversary gift. Sola is a thin wood that’s easy to work with and is the material of choice for wooden flowers. Woodland Flower Co is our favorite new shop that specializes in these delicate designs.

Also check out Luv 2 Do It Yourself for rustic chic bouquets with a more bohemian look.

4. Inspired by Jasper Johns: Stars & Stripes in Wood ($85)

Wooden US Flag
Hang it inside or out for a blast of patriotic color.

Nothing says pride like a larger than life American flag made from local hardwoods. Torched Timber offers this stunning edition with a burnt look and raised stars.

Custom Heritage offers large American flags (up to 10 feet!) made of vintage barn wood. Or browse hundreds more designs until you find just the right look for your 5th anniversary gift. Or make MoMA an offer on the original wax on wood edition from 1954.

5. Make Time to Play: Beeropoly Game ($38)

Beeropoly Game
Drink beer and be merry!

Research shows that play is an effective way to counter many of the stresses of modern life. And there’s a wooden game out there for just about everyone. We used to play Skittles on a huge board on a stand, but you need some square footage to set it up.

Here are a few modern options that are easier to gift wrap:

6. Spice Up Your Evenings: Date Night Bucket List ($18)

Date Night Bucket List
Gift the kit itself or keep it in your back pocket for easy access to fresh ideas.

Expand your romantic horizons with this creative date night kit. Each new idea is printed on birch wood with a space on the back to record the date as you work through the list. Dinner and a movie no more!

7. Who Doesn’t Love Pistachios? ($48)

5 Year Anniversary Gift - Pistachio Pedestal
Eat more pistachios!

Separate the wheat from the chaff with this handy Pistachio Pedestal. Rounded corners are all the rage and this handcrafted server doesn’t disappoint. It’s made from American maple wood in Vermont and then sanded and finished with teak oil and a pistachio green accent. Never pick up an empty shell again!

8. Playing with Secrets: Handmade Japanese Puzzle Box ($45+)

Do you have the moves to unlock this wooden riddle?

Sometimes the best gift is something your sweetie doesn’t even know exists. Japanese puzzle boxes date back to the late 1800s during the Edo period but they’re not widely known outside of Japan. Typically handmade with carefully inlaid designs, they contain hidden compartments that only reveal themselves with the right combination of moves.

9. Casablanca or Caddyshack? ($29+)

Wood Movie Poster
From film noire to romantic comedies, there’s a wood poster for that!

Etsy shop Woodprintz spells favourite with a “u,” but we’ll forgive them since they’re in the UK and they still ship stateside for free! Pick a movie. Any movie. And they’ll memorialize it on a rustic wood panel and send it to you ready to hang. Extra points if you already know your honey’s favorite flick!

10. Tea Me Up! Bamboo Tea Tumbler ($40)

5 Year Anniversary Gifts - Bamboo Tea Tumbler
Keep it loose with this stylish travel tumbler with built-in infuser.

Unique gifts for tea lovers can be hard to find, but this bamboo tumbler makes the cut. Reviewers on Amazon rave about how well it seals in the heat for extended sipping all morning long. Where cheaper tumblers use plastic, this one from LeafLife makes use of higher quality materials like stainless steel for the insulated interior. You can even infuse fresh fruit!

11. Go Deep with a Multi-Layered Lake Map ($99+)

5 Year Anniversary Gifts - Custom Lake Map
Choose from over 4,000 different lakes and coastal regions.

Whether it’s salty or fresh, there’s likely a body of water somewhere that’s meaningful to you and your special someone. These carefully hand-assembled wood 3D maps are made in Michigan and available for nearly all lakes and coasts of significance. Ponder the depths of your love while celebrating a special place you’ve traveled to together.

12. Confess Your Love on Birchwood ($35+)

Wood Anniversary Gifts - Voice Art
Your words. Your voice. Recorded on birchwood for posterity!

A favorite line from your wedding song. An inside joke. Something witty. It’s up to you. Just email your original recording and Artsy Voiceprint will convert it to sound waves and print it on birchwood along with a custom message. They can even include a QR code that links to and plays your recording. Available in many sizes, from 5 x 7″ to a monumental 30 x 40″ edition!

Bonus Idea: Tiger Maple Knife Rack ($54)

5 Year Anniversary Gifts - Wood Knife Rack
Available in 6 different lengths and ships in 3-5 days.

Cut to the chase with a low profile magnetic knife rack. This special tiger maple edition from Etsy shop Norden Designs is finished with food safe mineral oil and backed with super-strong magnets that are completely hidden once mounted. Works for scissors, bottle openers, and knives of all shapes and sizes!

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