World Travel Map With Pins: 7 Ways to Track Your Travels

Last Updated:  February 9, 2018

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If you’re looking for a gift for the globetrotter in your life, how about a world travel map with pins to hang on the wall? They come in all sorts of sizes and materials, and lend themselves well to both storytelling and daydreaming. Record your travel triumphs and plot your next moves on canvas, cotton, or cork!

World Travel Map with Pins: The List!

1. National Geographic World Push Pin Map

World Travel Map with Pins - National Geographic

Official National Geo map mounted on dense foam board. Ships framed, fast, and free!

If you’re a stickler for names and places and want all the details just right, then this official full color National Geographic map will put your mind at ease. At two feet high and three feet wide it comes fully mounted, framed, and ready to hang. You’ll need a good size spot to hang it and an oversize appetite for adventure to cover its surface with all 100 included push pins. This is Amazon’s top pick for a world travel map with pins and comes in many different frame colors.

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2. Old World Look, Gallery Quality Map

World Travel Map with Push Pins - Holy Cow Canvas

Hand-stretched canvas gallery wrapped for discerning travelers!

This beautifully illustrated earth-toned world travel map from Etsy seller Holy Cow Canvas comes in two oversize wrapped canvas editions: 40 x 24 and 48 x 30 inch panels. You can even customize the quote at bottom left for a personalized touch or go with the default: “Life takes us to unexpected places. Love brings us home.” It comes with 50 lime green push pins for travels taken and 50 chocolate brown pins for travels planned. And it’s professionally mounted on a special backing that holds the push pins firmly in place. An Etsy bestseller!

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3. What a Relief, In Wood

World Travel Map with Push Pins - Enjoy The Wood

This wood map comes in pieces, one large one for each continent (and some islands too). Your wall is the ocean!

If you’re a bit crafty and don’t mind installing it yourself (adhesive backing included), this all wood laser printed world map from a maker in Ukraine is a great value. Each continent is its own piece of wood, as are many major islands. You measure things out (roughly) and then mount the world across your wall. The small metal airplane pins are available as an add-on. Lots of colors and sizes are available, so choose your options and then give it 3-4 weeks for production and shipping time to the US!

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4. Adventure Awaits: The Burlap Travel Map

World Travel Map with Pins - Burlap Adventure

Printed on burlap, this simple and sweet map arrives framed and mounted on cork.

If you’re okay with your pins being “close enough” to all your favorite travel spots, then this 11 x 14 inch crafty burlap printed map might be the one for you. Choose from a bunch of sweet and witty quotes for the header (or write your own) and then choose from five different wooden frames. Owner Lisa will print and frame your personalized world map straight away and send it your way with a set of 50 red push pins. This smaller size works perfectly above a bedside table. Or put it in your bathroom since steam won’t warp burlap like it does paper!

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5. Just the Map Ma’am!

World Travel Map with Pins - KR Maps

Supply your own frame and save big on shipping costs!

If you’re a DIY enthusiast and want to handle the framing yourself, then this is the one for you. This classy and modern world travel map is mounted on 3/16″ foam core and comes with 50 free push pins. The colorful pins look great against the cool color palette of the map and you can customize both the map title and legend to your liking. A great budget option, particularly since shipping is much cheaper without the frame!

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6. What a Wonderful World

World Travel Map with Pins - Triptych Panels

Holy Cow Canvas’ “Trip”tych edition!

This special three panel world travel map with pins is more than 6 feet wide! It’s perfect for that glaringly empty wall in your living room, office, or bedroom. Track your global travels with precision and style on this high resolution printed canvas triptych. Add a custom quote at lower left if you like, while a special foam backing underneath the canvas gives your push pins a satisfyingly snug fit. With nearly 10,000 sales on Etsy since 2010, Holy Cow Canvas knows how to print and ship the perfect global travel map.

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7. All Cork All The Way

World Travel Map with Pins - Cork Edition

Color printing on cork with incredible detail, over 2,000 cities!

This nearly three foot by four foot beauty is printed entirely on cork for a soft grippy surface that holds pins perfectly. Not only is this world map both vibrant and tactile, it’s also highly accurate with up-to-date political borders and labels. This is the only full color cork world map we’ve seen and it’s a great option for a living room, entry way, or any other spot folks might gather around to chat. Choose from ten elegant framing choices and enjoy free shipping anywhere in the US!

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Did we miss your favorite world travel map with pins? Tell us about it in the comments and we might include it in one of our regular post updates!