Gifts for Gluten Lovers: 22 Starchy Surprises Better Than Spaghetti

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Deep Dish Pizza

“Gluten is good.” So said Ben Franklin. Or was it Mark Twain? Alberto Tomba perhaps? We don’t really know and it doesn’t matter anyway, because gluten’s redeeming qualities are so obviously self-evident that it’s foolish to even debate the point. If you know someone who loves gluten as much as we do, indulge them with one of our 22 best gifts for gluten lovers.

The List: 22 Best Gifts for Gluten Lovers!

1. Poor Gluten T-Shirt to Show Some Empathy

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Poor Gluten T-Shirt
Why doesn’t anyone like me anymore?

This awesome original t-shirt from Etsy artist Kathy Weller comes in a few different colors and is quirky enough to get a laugh from even the most ardent gluten-free crusader.

$25 Etsy >


2. Hand Crank Pasta Machine for Stronger Arms

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Pasta Machine
The famous Marcato Atlas. Made in Italy, of course.

There’s nothing like fresh pasta to turn a gluten lover into a gluten-crazed pastafarian. Once you’ve tasted the real thing – mixed, kneaded, and cranked by hand – you’ll never go back to the dried stuff.

$90 Amazon >


3. “Sourdough Crust” Fine Art Print To Salivate Over

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Sourdough Fine Art Print
A crispy crust pairs nicely with a bouncy mouthful of gluten!

Bread may be the purest of all gluten delivery systems, having sustained gluten lovers through lean and fat times for centuries. This close-up fine art print by photographer Sharon Rowan celebrates the delicate and airy structure of a well-leavened slice of sourdough.

$89 (Framed) Minted >


4. Stroopwafels & Coffee Subscription to Wake Up Right

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Stroopwafel & Coffee
Cheaper than a flight to Amsterdam!

Waffles have long been known to be among the most gluten-y food products around and the exotic stroopwafel is by far the tastiest incarnation. Place each cookie gently on top of a steaming hot cup of coffee to warm up the caramel insides before sinking your teeth into it’s densely packed proteins of pure sweet gluten. This discounted 24-pack pairs nicely with a monthly coffee subscription from one of our favorites, Brothers Coffee Co.

$21 Amazon >
$18 Brothers Coffee Co >


5. Back Pocket Pasta to Up Your Dinner Game

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Back Pocket Pasta
Stock up in advance, and then crank out a new simple recipe night after night.

This inventive little cookbook expertly pairs pantry staples with fresh ingredients to yield quick pasta dishes with tons of flavor. There’s a brilliant photo alongside each recipe and a concise guide to pairing cocktails and wine with your tasty creations. If you like your Italian cooking unpretentious and affordable, this 2017 release is for you.

$19 Amazon >


6. Vintage Pasta Print to Perfect the Art

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Vintage Pasta Print
Do you know your tortellini from your tagliatelle?

This classic poster from Etsy shop Vintage Wall Graphics is the perfect cheat sheet for aspiring homemade pasta cooks. Maybe your nonna didn’t need a poster to crank out orecchiette and strozzapreti by the bucketful, but you probably do.

$7 Etsy >


7. A True Pasta Pot to Cook Like the Italians

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Pasta Pot
You can take the pasta out of the water, but you can’t take the water out of the pasta. Think about it.

If you’re messing around with hot pads and carrying pots of boiling water over to the sink before dumping the pasta (and water) into a separate colander, you’re doing it all wrong. The Italians have perfected the art of removing the pasta from the salty starchy cooking water by simply building the colander into the pot. Ingenious!

$85 Amazon >


8. “Pasta La Vista” Coffee Mug for Nostalgia’s Sake

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Pasta La Vista Mug
Nothing says, “Don’t mess with me until I’ve had my coffee,” quite like this mug.

Terminate the small talk around the breakfast table and get everyone to snap to attention with this crisp coffee mug featuring a witty piece of penne. Yellow Otter Studios is a brand new Etsy shop with plenty of style and a ton of creative SKUs!

$16 Etsy >


9. Solid Wood Pasta Rolling Pin to Last Forever

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Straight Rolling Pins
Roll your own tortillas, pasta, and baked goods the same way your ancestors did.

It’s hard to buy heirloom quality kitchen goods anymore. Search for rolling pins on Amazon and you’ll find a race to the bottom with everyone trying to undercut each other on price. Instead of spending twelve bucks for something made overseas, spend twenty-four to get an awesome solid wood straight rolling pin made by hand in Mississippi. Pick walnut, maple, or cherry!

$24 Etsy >


10. The Zojirushi Bread Maker for Sandwiches Galore

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Bread Maker
The only way to know for sure what’s in your bread, is to bake it yourself.

The Zojirushi is slightly bigger than a bread box, but bakes a perfectly golden two-pound loaf every time. While we’re disappointed that this particular edition has a gluten-free option, it doesn’t change the fact that there’s no better bread maker on the market today. Whether you’re partial to whole wheat, white, or rye, the window on top lets you sneak a peek while the gluten does its job.

$325 Amazon >


11. An Artisan Lame for Swashbuckling Slashes

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Walnut Lame
Start slashing your loaves with handmade style.

Anyone who bakes their own bread from scratch knows that it’s a real labor of love. The mixing and kneading eventually give way to the actual baking, but not before adding a quick slash to give the oven spring a nudge in the right direction. Achieve peak satisfaction with your work by upgrading to a handmade bread lame. You’ll make a perfect score every time.

$30 Etsy >


12. Feast on Some Gourmet Granola

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Gourmet Granola
The three pack is a great place to start. Larger bulk bags available too.

Most granola has oats and most oats have avenins, a gluten-like protein that’s just as tasty. Michele’s Granola uses only organic oats alongside sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, coconut, and a hint of Madagascar vanilla. Each batch is made by hand and tastes just as fresh as it did when first introduced at a Maryland farmer’s market a decade ago.

$29 Amazon >


13. Reusable Bread Bag to Keep Crumbs At Bay

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Cotton Bread Bag
Give your homemade loaf the Cadillac of carrying cases.

Peg and Awl have carved out a nice niche for themselves on Etsy, with exquisitely made bags of all shapes, sizes, and materials. This washable cotton bread bag is perfect for anyone who likes to bake and take. Keep your bread under wraps (and fresh) until it’s time to unveil to ooohs and aaahs at dinner parties and potlucks.

$13 Etsy >


14. Oil Dipping Spice Kit to Travel by Taste

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Oil Dipping Spice Kit
Make your own spice blends or try a suggested recipe, complete with recommended bread pairing.

Julie Pedersen created this ingenious oil dipping spice kit to bring flavors from around the globe to your next dinner party. Mix and match the fifteen exotic herbs and spices with your favorite extra-virgin olive oils for fresh new experiences. Bread sold separately!

$38 UncommonGoods >


15. Beer Soap Sampler for Long Hungover Showers

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Beer Soap Sampler
Who wouldn’t enjoy rubbing warm beer all over their body?

The only thing gluten lovers enjoy more than a good late night beer binge is the long hot shower that inevitably accompanies the next morning. Don’t be caught without a fresh supply of suds! This all-natural 6-pack beer soap sampler makes an awesome gift for anyone who’s been known to sneak a beer into the shower from time to time.

$15.00 Etsy >


16. Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy T-Shirt, Because It’s True

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Be Hoppy T-Shirt
True hoppiness is just a soft ring-spun t-shirt away.

We’re pretty sure beer was top of mind for Bobby McFerrin when he chose to title his stupendous 1988 album Simple Pleasures. ‘Twas a time when beer was indeed simple: barley, hops, yeast, water, and nothing else! A lot has changed since 1988 but beer remains the most glorious gluten delivery system yet invented.

$22 Etsy >


17. Night Out for Deep Dish Pizza

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Deep Dish Pizza
You don’t have to live in Chicago to order pizza by the brick.

Planning the perfect date is an under-appreciated talent. It’s also quite simple. Pick the night, call in advance to get a reservation, and then have a second place nearby in your back pocket for a potential nightcap. If your sweetie is a gluten lover, you can do a lot worse than Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Pair it with a local beer that’s made with plenty of barley for an incomparable gluten-feast!

$30 and up >


18. A Trip to Italy, North or South is Up to You

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Trip to Italy
It’s a pilgrimage all pastafarians must make to be considered true believers.

If your other half likes their gluten with a side of butter, go north for rich risottos, creamy pasta dishes with prosciutto, and hearty stuffed ravioli. If breezy olive oils, fresh ripe tomatoes, and still salty clams are more your speed, then go south. Either way, there’s just no avoiding a daily gluten fix when you’re hanging out in the birthplace of pasta.

Priceless >


19. Test Tube Flights for Blind Beer Tasting

Gifts for Gluten Lovers - Test Tube Beer Flight
Customize it by combining a beer-themed logo and your last name (or an inside joke).

I have a good buddy that insists on doing blind taste tests whenever we’re visiting. These tasting sessions nearly always involve beers sourced from all over San Diego. Nine out of ten are some sort of IPA variant or “IPA-adjacent,” as he likes to call some of the more obscure brews. In any event, it’s a fun way to get our gluten fix for the evening. I reckon that he might enjoy this nifty test tube tasting set more than just about anyone else I know.

$40 Etsy >


• • •

Know a good gluten gift that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments. Also be sure to check out our lists of gift ideas for tea lovers and coffee lovers!

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