Doh! 23 Funny & Creative Gag Gifts for 2020

Last Updated:  September 5, 2020

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Since gag gifts are probably older than gold, frankincense, and myrrh, truly unique prank gift ideas can be hard to find. So we scoured the inter-webs and put together this playful list of our absolute favorites for 2020. We’re sure you’ll find something to make that special office mate, soul mate, or first mate swoon with faux appreciation and real laughter.

The List: 23 Funny Gag Gifts for 2020!

1. 32GB “Thumb” Drive ($12)

Thumb Drive
Keep your finger on the pulse of big data.

2. “Bathe & Brew” Prank Gift Box ($8)

Gag Gifts 20120 - Bathe & Brew Prank Box
Put the real gift inside because this prank box is empty!

3. “Not Just for Farts” Sound Machine ($9)

Sound Machine
Memorize the location of each sound and mess with people from your pocket, discretely.

4. Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle ($15)

Funny Gag Gifts 2020 - Buff Baby Rattle
You can both pump at the same time!

5. People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book ($11)

Funny Gifts 2020 - People of Walmart Coloring Book
Break out your big box of colored pencils and appreciate the vast diversity of America.

6. Donald Trump Chia Pet Gag Gift ($20)

Trump Gifts 2020
Water daily for a mane as thick as Tom Selleck’s chest hair.

7. Snarky Coworker or Boss Coffee Mug ($15)

Snarky Coworker Boss Mug
Truth. It cuts like a strong cup of coffee sometimes.

8. Totally Not Sarcastic Adult Achievement Stickers ($7)

Funny Gag Gifts 2020 - Adult Achievement Stickers
Because showing people your 12th place trophy is getting old.

9. Crispy Bacon Band-Aids ($6)

Bacon Bandages
There’s no doubt bacon will make it all better.

10. Freebird Mullet Wig Skull Cap ($10)

Freebird Mullet Wig Skull Cap
Shirt and scowl not included.

11. “Extra Strong” Memory Mints ($7)

Best Gag Gifts 2020 - Memory Mints for Senior Moments
Replace “Senior” with “Mommy,” “Daddy,” “Boss,” or just about anything else.

12. Custom Face Stickers Gag Gifts ($18)

Custom Face Stickers
Your face, his face, her face, or even your dog’s mug shot will do!

13. Crap Taxidermy Coffee Table Book ($10)

Crap Taxidermy Book
Animal carcasses. Sharp knives. Unskilled people with too much enthusiasm. What could possibly go wrong?

14. Prescription Rx Beer Can Kooler ($10)

Best Gag Gifts 2020 - Prescription Beer Can Kooler
“A cold beer a day keeps the doctor away,” said Benjamin Franklin (probably).

15. Infinite Loop Singing Valentine’s Day Card ($20)

Funny Gag Gifts 2020 - Endless Singing Card
Forever is a long time, especially when you’re listening to the same damn song over and over…

16. Yes, This is a Real Book with Actual Recipes

50 Ways to Eat Cock Cookbook
600+ 5-star reviewers can’t be wrong!

17. “Ten-Four Good Buddy, Yoga Joes Are In Position” ($25)

Best Gag Gifts 2020 - Yoga Joes
War and peace. Nostalgic and trendy. Silly and transcendent. Sorta goofy too.

18. Voice & Motion Activated Prank Stickers ($9)

Voice & Motion Activated Stickers
“Turn on… Dry my hands please… Go!… DRY MY HANDS NOW!… WTF?”

19. Shakespearean Insults Chart ($25)

Shakespearean Insults Chart
Because twelve-letter words are so much more interesting than four-letter ones.

20. “I Pee in Pools” Trucker Hat ($10)

I Pee in Pools Hat
What do you think the chlorine is for?

21. Bag of Tasty Unicorn Farts Gag Gift ($9)

Best Gag Gifts 2020 - Unicorn Farts
You don’t have to like cotton candy to appreciate the sweet smell of the southbound end of a northbound unicorn.

22. Jesus Shaves Morphing Coffee Mug ($16)

Funny Gifts 2020 - Jesus Shaves Coffee Mug
It’s a miracle!

23. Uranus Soap for That Way-Out-There Spot ($6)

Keep it clean, okay?

There you have it! Our top 23 funny gift ideas for 2020. Use ’em for stocking stuffers, housewarming, long distance relationships, or just to say hello.