Minecraft Gifts - Best Toys for Little Crafters

Minecraft Gifts: The Best Toys for Your Little Crafter

There’s not much of a middle ground when it comes to Minecraft. Either your little explorer is all in or doesn’t know a diamond sword from a wooden pick axe. For true Minecraft adventurers, only the best action figures, plushies, and other assorted Minecraft gear is worthy of consideration. Here are our 23 of our absolute-favorite-can’t-go-wrong best Minecraft gifts!

The List: 23 Best Minecraft Gifts for Little Crafters

1. Lego Minecraft: The Iron Golem ($50)

Best Minecraft Gifts - Legos The Iron Golem
Build a torch, a pumpkin, and an entire iron smelting operation!

At only fifty bucks, The Iron Golem is one of the better deals in the Lego Minecraft series. You get 208 pieces total: Two minifigures plus an iron golem and a pig, along with enough bricks and other stuff to actually mine iron ore, smelt it, and then craft it into iron blocks. Pair it with The Zombie Cave ($20) if you want to be a bit more spendy. This one is best for kids 6 and up, even though the box says 8+.

2. Minecraft: The Island, A Novel ($12)

Minecraft Gifts - The Island, Novel
A story of courage, creativity, and survival!

NPR describes this smart young adult novel as, “Robinson Crusoe for the digital age.” Written by Max Brooks (a NY Times Bestselling author), the story mimics actual game play and is peppered with plenty of inside jokes to amuse true fans. Best for kids 8 and up but totally appropriate for younger Stevies and Alexi.

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3. Cake Toppers / Minifigures ($16)

Minecraft Cake Toppers
These’ll work on just about any kind of cake, cupcakes included.

These Minecraft cake toppers are an awesome accoutrement for a Minecraft-themed birthday party. You get a full set of 12 toppers, all made from colorful Perler beads. While they’re primarily intended as cake toppers, your little Steve or Alex can play with them any way they want!

4. Core Steve Action Figure ($11)

Steve Action Figure
This basic 3-piece toy is a great starter for Minecraft newbies.

The requisite Steve action figure set is sometimes marked down to six bucks on Amazon so it’s a great way to dip your toes into the endless world of Minecraft merchandise. We like how the jagged handle of the wood axe fits into Steve’s hand. Mine that ore!

5. Eat, Sleep, Mine Wall Decals ($17-63)

Minecraft Wall Decals
These nifty vinyl wall decals speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Minecraft inspired wall decals come in all shapes and sizes and are a bit more fun than framed artwork. Most stick easily without adhesives and peel off cleanly. They’re perfect for interior walls of kids’ bedrooms.

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6. Plush Toys ($15-40)

Plush Steve
Cuddle up with Diamond Steve and a cup of hot chocolate on a cold night.

This official Diamond Steve stuffed toy is about as plush as they come. And he’s just one of 50+ official Minecraft plush toys now available. Nearly everyone is represented, including pigs, cows, skeletons, endermen, creepers, sea turtles, dolphins, foxes, wolves, ocelots, and so many others. Collect them all if you dare!

7. Minecraft Uno Card Game ($6)

Minecraft Gifts - Uno!
Game play is more or less the same as classic Uno! but with characters instead of numbers.

Shut down the computer and play some old fashioned cards every once in a while. This official Minecraft version of Uno is full of your favorite characters, including a special Creeper rule card. You’re still supposed to shout “Uno!” when you’re down to your last card, but feel free to shout “Ender!” instead!

8. Weighted Blanket ($40)

Minecraft Blanket
If you like warm hugs, you’ll probably enjoy falling asleep under a weighted blanket.

If you’re thinking a weighted blanket might give your little Minecrafter an extra nudge into dreamland, this is the one to get. While some studies have shown these blankets to reduce anxiety and help calm the nervous system, other studies have shown little to no effect. Don’t count on this blanket being a cure-all for sleep trouble, but do count on it being comfortable and stylish!

9. Light-Up Redstone Ore ($26)

Minecraft Gifts - Redstone Ore
You don’t need an iron pickaxe to mine this redstone ore. Just two AA batteries!

Just give this Redstone Ore a light touch and voilà, it emits a steady ruby-colored glow. Tap it again and it gets brighter. Once more and it’s brighter still. It measures 3″ cubed, runs on long-lasting LEDs, and (thankfully) auto-shuts off after 3 minutes.

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10. Periodic Table of Elements ($21)

Minecraft Gifts - Periodic Table of Elements
Can you name them all?

All 27 Minecraft elements are included in this cool Periodic Table set, featuring colorful 1″ blocks you can stack and arrange into your own custom Minecraft scene.

The Periodic Table items are scaled for use with the Minifigures (see #11) and the Stop-Motion Animation Studio (see #12) on this list of best Minecraft gifts!

11. Minecraft Minifigures ($21)

Minecraft Minifigures
Oink, cluck, moo! Sound effects not included.

While you can find unofficial cake toppers on Etsy for less, sometimes there’s no substitute for the real thing. Official Minecraft minifigures are scaled just right and designed with accurate details to keep even the most discerning fans happy.

12. Stop-Motion Animation Studio ($132)

Animation Studio
Be your own director, producer, and editor!

Cut! Make your own original Minecraft movies with the Stop-Motion Animation Studio. It arrives with a stage, six scenic backgrounds, three minifigures, a mobile device holder, a free app download, and other accessories. This is a fun way to get into stop-motion animation, which is remarkably simple to learn and loads of fun.

13. Lunch Boxes & Bags ($12+)

Lunch Bag
One of the best-looking Minecraft lunch boxes available.

There’s something sneaky about unpacking your lunch from a block of grassy dirt. This insulated (and pixelated) lunch bag is more eco-friendly than paper bags and way more fun to show off at school. Use the attached velcro tabs to hang it on your backpack!

14. Lego Minecraft: The Creeper Mine ($80)

It says 8+ on the box, but I bet your 6-year old can knock it out just fine!

One of the most popular of all Lego Minecraft sets, the Creeper Mine package includes a huge creeper statue, rail tracks, minecart, shelter, oven, explosive features, and three minifigures too!

15. Minecraft Card Game ($13)

This one is a must-have for all true fans!

This original Minecraft card game is surprisingly interesting and fun for the entire family. There’s strategy, luck, and suspense! Someone smart obviously put a lot of time and effort into developing a real game instead of just falling back on Minecraft’s existing success.

16. Papercraft Utility Pack ($25)

More fun than paper airplanes, for sure!

This 30+ piece set of foldable paper Minecraft equipment improves fine motor skills and spacial recognition. Each piece folds up from a flat piece of card stock and all stickers are included. Once assembled, they hold up much better than most of the DIY print-ables available online.

17. Lego Minecraft: The Nether Portal ($75)

More pieces = longer set up time = more peace and quiet for you.

With nearly 500 pieces and live-action lava flows, this might just be the best Minecraft lego set around. Shoot fireball discs from the mouth of the ghast figure, run the railway car along the curved track, and discover a number of other creative ways to wreak havoc at home!

18. Aquatic Biome Minifigure Case ($20)

Minifigures are well, mini. They’re easy to lose!

Collect and store up to 32 Minecraft minifigures with this inventive fold-out case. Snap the door shut and you’re ready to travel! Need something to stock your new case? Check out #11 on this list.

19. Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($17)

There’s no better way to get your kid to drink more water.

Stylish, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe, this is one nifty hydration station. It fits in most standard cup holders and features one-hand operation and a fully leak-proof mechanism. It won’t cook your chicken for you, but it will help make sure you have something to wash it down!

20. Pixelated Wrist Bands ($11)

Minecraft Gifts - Pixelated Wrist Bands
Switch from spider to creeper to skeleton to diamond depending on your mood.

At only a few bucks each, these Minecraft rubber wrist bands are a great party favor or add-on gift. They come four to a set (not eight), so be sure to order multiple sets if you need a bunch!

21. Lego Minecraft: Crafting Box 2.0 ($145)

If you’re into Minecraft landscapes and scenery, this set will not let you down.

The final Lego set on the list is the Crafting Box with 700+ total pieces, plus a mini-Steve and a horse, cow, slime, and Creeper figures. We like this one because it’s a flexible set with plenty of opportunity for creative play beyond the eight different configurations you can build with the included instructions. It’s great for ages 6 and up!

22. Nearly 300 Stickers ($5)

Create your own mini-Minecraft world, one sticker at a time.

Build Minecraft terrain and custom scenes with these nifty sticker sets. Trick out your school binders, lunch box, or just about anything else with plenty of Minecraft love. With 295 stickers per $5 pack, you’re looking at less than 2 cents per sticker! That’s a lot of Minecraft gifts for the price.

23. TNT Plastic Mug ($11)

How often do you see a square mug? So cool.

Start your morning with a bang! This ingenious mug is 100% BPA-free and sports a reasonable 10 oz capacity that’s perfect for kids. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe too for easy clean up. It’s definitely a Minecraft fan favorite!

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