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Scratch Off Maps: Go Big and See The World

If push pin maps aren’t quite your style, indulge your love of travel and lottery scratchers with one of these excellent scratch off maps. Use it to daydream about where you’d like to go, keep track of where you’ve been, and start up travel conversations with dinner guests. There’s nothing quite like scratching off an exotic destination upon your return home!

The List: Our 7 Favorite Scratch Off Maps

1. For Meticulous Travelers with Big Plans

Scratch Off Maps - Earthabitats
The most detailed scratch off world map you can buy.

This Earthabitats world edition is truly a complete package. The scratch off map itself is highly accurate, detailed, and well labeled with outlines included for the 50 states in the USA. They’ve also included scratch off flags for virtually all countries on Earth. If you’re a stickler for details and have plans to visit as many countries as possible, this map will serve you well in the long run. They even include a magnifying glass and a guitar pick for easy scratching!

24 x 17″ | $33

2. For the Minimalist

Scratch Off Maps - Featured
This richly colored map is available directly from the designer.

For fans of clean modern design, it’s hard to beat this slimmed down watercolor world edition from Kristin Douglas. This oversize scratch off map is printed on high quality paper and countries are labeled on top of and underneath the gold foil. The colors are rich and saturated and the minimalist aesthetic delivers a crisp and clean look. Only the largest islands are included. You can personalize it for a few bucks more. Kristin sells similar watercolor editions for the United States and Europe.

20 x 30″ | $35

3. For The Artistically Inclined

Scratch Off World Map - Kuulys
Another watercolor edition, but with much more detail.

If you like the bright watercolor look but don’t want to give up your islands and oceans, this original illustrated edition from Jetsetter Maps is a good choice. Islands as small as Bermuda are included along with a surrounding splash of gold foil. That gives you more to scratch while you nurse that sunburn upon your return! They also offers smaller scratch off map editions for the United States, Canada, and Europe.

20 x 30″ | $30

4. For Fans of Typewriters and Antarctica

Scratch Off Map - UK Edition
Been to Antarctica lately? Have fun scratching!

This quirky British edition employs a “close enough” labeling strategy with a classic typewriter-style font that gives it an old-school encyclopedia look. Most islands are included but some national borders aren’t. A few folks have complained that it doesn’t scratch as well after a couple of years, but if you keep it dry and away from excessive heat, it should hold up just fine.

23 x 33″ or 33 x 47″ | $26 or $40

5. For Fans of the Golden State

Scratch Off Travel Map - California
All counties and national parks are included and clearly labeled.

This typographic California scratcher map from Etsy shop Map Pinners reveals the many odd shapes of California’s 58 counties. Even folks born and raised in California probably haven’t visited them all. Have you? There’s also a Texas-sized edition if that’s more your style!

18 x 24″ | $32

6. For Folks That See Things in Black and White

Scratch Off Map - Black & White
Bright colors underneath make it easy to see where you’ve been.

The black foil of this stark oversized edition scratches away to reveal all the colorful places you’ve traveled. At nearly three feet wide, it’s perfect for a lonely living, dining, or bedroom wall where you can walk right up to it and start a conversation. Country flags and the seven “Wonders of the World” are included along the bottom. This is the largest map on our list!

24 x 35″ | $30

7. For Fans of Big Blue Oceans

Scratch Off Map - Discovery
Each scratch reveals sights, cities, and fun travel facts.

If you’re looking for a map that’s big and bright and bold right out of the package, this Discovery Map is the one for you. Larger countries include extra graphics and major cities. A set of fun activity stickers are included so you can keep track of that favorite surfing memory or crazy cab ride. And just look at all that deep blue ocean!

24 x 35″ | $39


Did we miss your favorite travel scratch off map? Let us know in the comments and we might include it in a regular post update.

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