Kids Wall Art for Wannabe Skiers & Boarders

Last Updated:  March 14, 2018

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One of the best things about Minted’s online marketplace is that the kids wall art category alone has nearly 1,200 original prints to choose from. That’s a lot of unique art sourced from a lot of very talented artists. The odds of seeing the same print at a friend’s house are virtually nil. In fact, the selection is so good that we were able to find no fewer than twelve winter sports themed prints to fill the walls of your future Olympian’s bedroom. Here are our favorites!

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The List: 12 Original Art Prints for Little Shredders

1. Forest by Priscilla Lee

Kids Wall Art Prints - Forest

How many trees have you seen out the car window during your lifetime?

From 8 x 8″ @ $23 up to 44 x 44″ @ $199 unframed
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2. Gone Camping by Alison Jerry

Kids Wall Art Prints - Gone Camping

The humble teepee was the original all-American ski cabin.

From 7 x 5″ @ $21 up to 60 x 44″ @ $239 unframed
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3. Nighttime Sky by Shirley Schneider

Kids Wall Art - Nighttime Sky

There’s nothing as quiet as a snowy range on a starlit night.

From 8 x 8″ @ $23 up to 44 x 44″ @ $186 unframed
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4. Nordic Love by Shannon Bartoshewski

Kids Wall Art Prints - Nordic Love

Will your child be the one to challenge the Norwegians at the 2034 Olympics?

From 8 x 8″ @ $23 up to 24 x 24″ @ $96 unframed
3 color palette choices (we like Muted!)
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5. The Boarders by Haley Mistler

Kids Wall Art - The Boarders

Could be just about anywhere, except Alta of course.

From 5 x 7″ @ $21 up to 40 x 54″ @ $227 unframed
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6. I Bet There is a Carrot Under There by Maja Cunningham

Kids Wall Art - Carrot & Hare

A fresh snowfall yields smiles all around.

From 8 x 8″ @ $21 up to 11 x 11″ @ $41 unframed
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7. Primary Peaks by Holly Royval

Kids Wall Art Prints - Primary Peaks

A bright bold print for anyone who relishes that moment when fall suddenly turns to winter.

From 5 x 7″ @ $21 up to 8 x 10″ @ $25 unframed
2 color choices available (we like the Earth Red!)
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8. The Fox in The Snow by Katerina Pushkina

Kids Wall Art Prints - Fox in the Snow

Winter is all about contrasts. Cold wind. Hot cocoa. White snow. A bright orange fox.

From 5 x 7″ @ $21 up to 40 x 54″ @ $227 unframed
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9. Top of the World by Shannon Bartoshewski

Kids Wall Art Prints - Top of the World

Where, oh where have all the single chairs gone?

From 8 x 8″ @ $23 up to 11 x 11″ @ $41 unframed
3 color palette choices (we like Pine Green!)
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10. Little Explorer by JoBeth Fink

Kids Wall Art Prints - Little Explorer

Sleep well little one. The mountains will be calling your name in the morning.

From 8 x 8″ @ $29 up to 44 x 44″ @ $210 unframed
Personalize it, 4 color choices (we like Fire!)
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11. Nature Bear by Kelsey McNatt

Kids Wall Art Prints - Nature Bear

Look closely to see the forest for the trees.

From 5 x 7″ @ $21 up to 44 x 60″ @ $238 unframed
2 color palette choices (we like Blue!)
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12. Night Train by Summer Winkelman

Kids Wall Art Prints - Night Train

The Alps are full of ski trains. Why not the Rockies?

From 8 x 10″ @ $36 up to 11 x 14″ @ $56 unframed
With sparkly gold foil
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If you’re going to order your print framed, Minted does a pretty good job of suggesting the most appropriate frame color and style right out of the gate. We played around with other framing options for each included piece of kids wall art, but in most cases the original suggestion was hard to beat!

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