Best tiki gifts under $50

Best Tiki Gifts for 2023: Island Escapes

Here’s a short collection of our very favorite tiki gifts for 2023. Know someone who’s fascinated with tiki culture and its ongoing revival? How aboout someone who would appreciate one of these tropical tiki bar gifts to spice up their basement escape? Of course there’s a tiki mug or two on our list, but it’s probably not what you’re expecting. In fact, we’ve scoured the seven seas to bring you a selection of tiki gift ideas that’s anything but predictable. Cheers!

Tiki Gifts Good Enough for the Gods

Tiki bar gifts - double old fashioned glasses

Double Old-Fashioned Tiki Glasses

It only takes one well-made Mai Tai to turn that scowl upside down. This set of four (4) classic rocks glasses from Libbey oozes 1960s kitsch. Line these beauties up behind your tiki bar and get ready to entertain.

Vintage Mai Tai Poster

Botanical Mai Tai Recipe Print

Mount this colorful print in an old beat up wood frame (or maybe a shiny new bamboo frame) for the perfect tiki-chic vibe. Posters like this make for wonderful tiki bar gifts and there’s quite a few to choose from on Etsy.

Star Wars Tiki Shirt

Darth Vader Tiki Shirt

Imperial Stouts are out and Imperial Rum is in! Take a walk on the darker side with this cheeky tiki t-shirt.

Smuggler's Cove tiki cocktail recipes

Smuggler’s Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki

Martin Cate with Rebecca Cate

If there’s a “New Testament of Tiki Cocktails,” this is it. All the classic drinks are here, but it’s the backstories and larger-than-life characters that steal the show.

Best tiki gifts - Yoda tiki mug

Baby Yoda Tiki Gift Mug

Fill this Grogu tiki mug with Navy Grog and you’ll be halfway across the galaxy before you know it. Just remember, the force is strong with this one. Drink it slow, you must.

magazine back issues

Back Issues of Tiki Magazine

Who knew there was a magazine all about tiki? The publishers seem to be on hiatus at the moment so get the back issues while you still can!

Enchanted Tiki Room Phone Case

Enchanted Tiki Room Phone Case

Nothing says “I love Adventureland” quite like this tough and colorful tiki iPhone case from Magical Everyday ATX.

tiki mask coasters

Retro Tiki Coasters

Let’s face it, enjoying the island life can get a bit splashy sometimes. Make sure you’re prepared with these flashy (and absorbent) cocktail coasters from Studio Ala Mod.

Hawaiian Pendant Necklace

Hawaiian Tiki Pendant Necklace

Take your tiki everywhere.

Crushed ice kit for cocktails

Bartender’s Crushed Ice Kit

Let your inner hipster shine. Swing the hammer and crush yourself some fresh ice. Then shake up a Mai Tai and revel in your supreme authenticity.

Copper Cocktail Skewers

Tiki Gifts: Copper Cocktail Skewers

Add a touch of class to your exotic cocktails with this boxed set of fancy copper drink sticks.

bedhead air planter

Tiki “Bedhead” Air Planter

Air plants are so easy to take care of, even this guy can do it. Custom gift note and basic care instructions included.

Exotica LP - Martin Denny

Exotica LP on Vinyl

Composers were the rock stars of the 1950s and Martin Denny was no exception. The original mono version of Exotica is the next best thing to a time machine.

Orgeat syrup for tiki cocktails

Tiki Bar Gift: Small Batch Orgeat Syrup

It’s not a Mai Tai without the orgeat. This french syrup made from almonds and botanicals is a key ingredient in many classic tiki drinks. Short of making your own, this is the best one to stock.

Versatile Citrus Juicer

Aside from rum, citrus is often the most important ingredient in tropical cocktails. Save your elbow grease for other projects by deploying this simple but powerful juicer. With two different attachments, it knocks out limes and oranges equally well.

Tiki Gifts - Modern Tropical Cocktails

Tiki Gifts Bonus: Modern Tropical Cocktails

Shannon Mustipher

Nothing brings long distance lovers back into each other’s arms like a home cooked meal. Jot down a quick list of your partner’s favorite eats and then work up a one-of-a-kind custom-printed cook book.

Did we miss one of your favorite tiki gifts?

Reach out and let us know! It doesn’t necessarily have to be strictly tiki either. Anything with a polynesian, Hawaiian, tropical, or even mid-century modern vibe can potentially make the cut.

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