Beer Soap: 7 Top Picks to Get Your Suds On

by thegiftler | Last Updated:  March 2, 2018

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If cleanliness is next to godliness and beer is the nectar of the gods, then beer soap must be crazy good for you. Reliable go-to gifts for guys are few and far between, but it’s hard to go wrong with soaps brewed with real wheat, hops, and oats. How else can you (respectably) indulge his love of pilsners, porters, and IPAs in the shower at 7AM? From sampler packs to gift sets, here are our seven favorite beer soap gift options.

The List: 7 Best Beer Soap Gifts!

1. Hockey Puck Sampler Set

Beer Soap - Swag Brewery

Six solid bars will keep him happy and healthy for months.

Beer lovers rejoice at the true-to-life scents emanating from Swag Brewery’s 100% natural beer soap bars. Their 6-pack sampler set delivers full size bars of their most popular flavors: Honey Pilsener, Belgian Witbier, Apricot Wheat, Oatmeal Stout, Hoppy IPA, and Vanilla Porter. It’s a perfect mix to introduce your beer fanatic to the many scented wonders of beer soap. They suds up nicely as a body wash or shampoo, and plenty of guys use these to shave too! Finally, if you’re looking for a beer gift for a female, this is likely your best as the packaging is nicely balanced and gender neutral. Made in small batches in Tallahassee, FL.

Buy on Amazon $38 >

Buy on Etsy $38 >


2. The Craftsman 4-Pack

Beer Soap Gifts - Craftsman

Fancier “manly” packaging makes for a nice gift set.

Craftsman Soap Company uses locally sourced beer in place of water for its line of scented beer soaps. All varieties are vegan and palm-free, and individually boxed for easy gifting. Their most popular 4-pack is available on Amazon, while a few more choices are only available directly from the maker via Etsy. Personally, we prefer the look of Swag’s translucent hockey pucks but Craftsman’s bars are a bit cheaper and make a perfectly fine beer soap gift set for only 25 bucks.

Buy on Amazon $25 >

Buy on Etsy $25 >


3. Custom Beer Soap Minis

Beer Soap Gifts - Soap Savant Custom

A 10-pack with personalized wrapper makes a very cool birthday gift.

If you need 10 beer soap bars for a giveaway, 100 bars for party favors, or even 1,000+ bars for a corporate gift, Etsy shop Soap Savant has you covered. Personalized beer soap wrappers are included on each bar and the $1.65 per piece pricing is a steal. Choose from three different flavors: IPA, Milk Stout, and Summer Ale. These mini-bricks are ideal for weddings, parties, and business events, or anywhere else beer drinkers might gather. Order early to be sure you have time to get the wrapper design just right!

Buy on Etsy $1.65/ea >
Also check out Le Box Boutique on Etsy (cheaper at higher volume) >


4. Le Box Boutique’s Gift Bar with Rack

Beer Soap Gifts - Le Box Boutique

Best gift packaging award goes to Le Box Boutique for washi tape, twine, and a wood rack!

In this option from Etsy seller Le Box Boutique, a custom gift note is included alongside one generously sized all-natural beer soap bar and matching wooden rack. It all arrives nicely packaged and is a good option when the occasion calls for something less spendy than the sampler beer soap gift sets mentioned above. Some folks have complained that the bar is a bit smaller than expected, so make sure you know exactly what you’re getting before checking out!

Buy on Etsy $14 >


5. Guinness is Good For You!

Beer Soap Gifts - Guinness Lye

Who knew there was a Guinness brewery in Springfield, Oregon?

If only a Guinness will do, then order a bar of lye stout beer soap from Tin Pony Soap House. This is old fashioned small batch soap brewing at its most stripped down. The cold production process and simple rustic packaging make it a nice gift for stout fans who appreciate homemade goods.

Buy on Etsy $7 >
Also check out this swirly stout option on Etsy $5 >


6. Make Your Own Gift Set

Beer Soap Gifts - Home Brewed

Choose any 3 flavors and add a gift bag for an extra 2 bucks.

Home Brewed Soaps’ make your own gift set is perfect for beer drinkers that are a bit particular about their style. With 12 different beer soaps to choose from, including three different stouts alone, you can customize the mix however you like. Palm oil free and ready to ship in 1-2 business days!

Buy on Etsy $20 >


7. Fattys 4-Pack Grab Bag

Beer Soap Gifts - Fattys Sampler

Fattys Soap Co sampler has one Blue Moon + 3 surprise flavors!

If you’re up for a surprise, then this 4-pack mystery sampler of half size bars is a bargain at $12.50. Fatty Soap Co’s signature swirls of color run through each bar giving them a unique marbled look unlike most other beer soaps. With over 15,000 sales on Etsy, Heather Rai’s shop has nearly perfected the art of making (and selling) small batch artisan soaps.

Buy on Etsy $12.50 >


Did we miss your favorite beer soap brewer? Know of a great gift set we forgot to include? Let us know in the comments and we might include it in a future post update.