25th Anniversary Gifts: 12 Ways to Surprise with Silver

Last Updated:  April 5, 2020

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25th anniversary gifts are traditionally made of silver and we definitely recommend sticking with tradition on the big wedding anniversaries. The good news is that there are plenty of awesome 25 year silver anniversary gift ideas that are anything but traditional. You just have to know where to find them!

Here’s to blending the old and the new!

The List: Best Silver Anniversary Gifts You’ve Never Seen

1. Original Yenny Cocq Sculpture ($380)

25 Year Anniversary Gifts - Yenny Cocq Sculpture
The cool thing about abstract art is that it doesn’t have to look like you!

2. Game of Thrones Dragon Necklace ($1,665)

25th Anniversary Gifts: Game of Thrones Necklace
For fire-breathing spouses with a flair for the magical.

3. Custom Silver Foil Map Art ($206)

25th Anniversary Gifts - Foil Map
Every marriage has a happy place. What’s yours?

4. Engraved Silver Money Clip ($85)

25th Anniversary Gifts - Silver Money Clip
If his wallet predates your 25 years of marriage, it’s time for a classy upgrade.

5. Sterling Silver Stacking Bangles ($129)

Stacking Bangles
A single bracelet that looks like fourteen!

6. New iPad in Silver ($330)

Silver Anniversary Gifts - iPad
They don’t make iPads like they used to. They’re way sleeker and faster now!

7. Nambè Wine Chiller & Coasters ($150)

Nambe Coasters
Elegant, classy, and luxuriously simple. Throw in a bottle of your spouse’s favorite sauvignon blanc to round out this 25 year anniversary gift!

8. Nixon Sentry Watch in Silver ($250)

25 Year Anniversary Gifts - Nixon Watch
Nixon watches look like a thousand bucks, without the price tag. Women’s options too.

9. Custom Silver Bar Necklace ($46)

25th Anniversary Gifts - Bar Necklace
Engrave your wedding date, “2 x 25” or a secret code word.

10. Hand Poured Silver Bullion ($27/ea)

Silver Anniversary Gifts - Bullion
You don’t have to be a pirate to enjoy showing off your booty.

11. Nespresso Coffee Machine in Gleaming Silver ($600)

Nespresso Machine
Cheaper than two plane tickets to Milan.

12. Custom Map Candle ($23+)

Silver Anniversary Gifts - Custom Candle
Personalize this sweet smelling gift with your wedding location and date.

Bonus 25th Anniversary Gift Idea
A Very Smug Mug ($15)

Love him or hate him, this 25 year anniversary gift is good for a chuckle either way.

There you have it. Twelve of our favorite 25th anniversary gifts plus one more just for good measure. Who says sticking with tradition has to be boring?

You’ve made it twenty five years…and all the way to the end of this article.

Way to go!