Nursery Wall Art: 17 Prints with Room to Grow

by thegiftler | Last Updated:  April 11, 2018

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The problem with a lot of nursery wall art, and children’s art in general, is that it has a pretty short lifespan. No self-respecting five-year-old wants to show off a framed print of baby shoes dangling from a wire or two rabbits kissing. So we put together a list of our 17 favorite nursery prints that’ll still be cool in middle school.

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The List: 17 Nursery Wall Art Prints for the Long Haul

1. Hoop Dreams by Keely Owendoff

Nursery Wall Art Prints - Hoop Dreams

The abstract shape of a skyward basketball hoop comes into focus as the years go by. Suddenly, you’ve got a little Larry Bird or LeBron on your hands.


2. Palm Tree Silhouette by Cass Loh

Nursery Wall Art - Palm Tree Silhouette

Add a touch of the tropics for a laid back vibe that’ll make nap time as easy as a walk on the beach.


3. Celestial Moon by Katherine Morgan

Nursery Wall Art - Celestial Moon

A little moonlight is guaranteed to make bedtime go smoothly, right?


4. Learning to Surf by Lauren Hampton

Nursery Wall Art - Learning to Surf

Surfing cultivates strength, courage, and patience. And who couldn’t use a little more of each sometimes?


5. Skate by Susanna Nousiainen

Nursery Wall Art - Skate

Babies love contrast and kids love testing the limits of their physical abilities. Skateboarding is full of both!


6. Little Big World Map by Jessie Steury

Nursery Wall Art - Little Big World Map

It’s a big world out there, and it’ll still be there when your little one is ready to go exploring.


7. California Dreams by Alexandra Nazari

Nursery Wall Art - California Dreams

Do babies dream of Ferris wheels and palm trees?


8. Crowd 4 by Victoria Johnson

Nursery Wall Art Prints - Crowd 4

Babies see black and white at birth and red a few weeks later. Keep ’em entertained with this abstract piece created from hand cut paper.


9. Gumball Machine by Kelly Ventura

Nursery Wall Art Prints - Gumball Machine

No quarters required.


10. Pinwheel 1 by Shelley Kommers

Nursery Wall Art Prints - Pinwheel 1

It’s like that first day of summer when everything explodes into full color. And if you stare long enough, it almost starts to spin.


11. Razzle Dazzle by Annie Walker

Nursery Wall Art Prints - Razzle Dazzle Flamingo

We’re loving the retro ’80s vibe of this awkwardly beautiful flamingo print.


12. Rise by Jennifer Morehead

Nursery Wall Art Prints - Rise

Layers of ocean cover the gold foil sun like blankets in this soothing minimalist seascape.


13. Lucky Ticket by Valerie Hamill

Nursery Wall Art Prints - Lucky Ticket

Each ticket is a story: a high scoring Skee-Ball game, a bumpy ferry ride, a scary movie on a dark night.


14. Primary Colors Go Zoom Zoom! by Molly Goodman

Nursery Wall Art Prints - Racecars

Cars = freedom and adventure. Let’s hope they’re not all self-driving by the time your little one grows up.


15. Native by Kelsey McNatt

Nursery Wall Art Prints - Arrows

Hang these arrows pointing any which way you want your child to go: up, down, left, or right.


16. Currents by Smudge Design

Nursery Wall Art Prints - Currents

This rhythmic watercolor painting will help you all ride out the tumultuous ups and downs of childhood. Available in four different color ways; we like yellow best!


17. Manhattan Bridge Snowstorm by Jason Derck

Nursery Wall Art Prints - Manhattan Bridge Snowstorm

You don’t have to live in New York to appreciate the subtle quietude of an urban snowstorm.



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