Business Holiday Cards: 9 Original Designs for 2018

Business Holiday Cards - Featured

One of the best things about the rise of digital communication is the opportunity it creates to stand out by sending business holiday cards the old-fashioned way.

Strike just the right tone with one of our nine favorite custom holiday card designs from original artists, all hand-picked for 2018.

The List: 9 Favorite Business Holiday Cards for 2018

1. Woodblock Forest

Business Holiday Cards - Woodblock Forest
Don’t miss the forest for the trees this year.

With six different color schemes and the ability to add custom text and/or photos on the back, Woodblock Forest is one of the more versatile business holiday cards we’ve seen this year. It’s a great option for design firms, architects, winter sports industry folks, and Dunder Mifflin too!


2. Pumpkin Pie Chart

Business Holiday Cards
Mmmmm. Pie.

Pie charts may be falling out of favor as big data gobbles up the old ways of doing things, but the kind of pie that tempts you from the kitchen counter isn’t going anywhere. This cheeky Pumpkin Pie Chart card is perfect for anyone who thinks data is king and gratitude is good for you.


3. City Holiday

Business Holiday Cards
Go with the dark blue color scheme for a classy city-at-night look.

While open office plans may thankfully be on the wane, urban renewal shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. Downtown is usually the place to be these days. Real estate firms, money managers, and a host of other financial and construction companies could do a lot worse than the snazzy skyline in City Holiday.


4. Highlight

Business Holiday Cards
Go with “Doublethick” paper to mimic the solid feel of an old-school index card.

This witty throwback design is sneaky in its simplicity. Highlight’s stark white index card background is a sure way to stand out from the business holiday card herd. Publishing companies, schools and educators, and content creators alike can all send these out with pride.


5. Warm & Cozy

Business Holiday Cards Warm & Cozy
The humble Thermos has been cranking out warmth since 1904.

Campy. Hipster. Nostalgic. Warm & Cozy is everything your 2018 holiday card should be. You don’t have to run a glamping resort to send this fun holiday card to your best customers. You just have to have faith that they’ll open your card and suddenly be transported back in time to a magic moment involving a hot drink on a chilly night far from home. Everyone’s had that moment, right?


6. Keyboard Wishes

Business Holiday Cards - Keyboard Wishes
Move over QWERTY.

Nearly all companies are tech companies these days, so it’s hard to miss with Keyboard Wishes. You don’t have to toil away on a Mac all day to appreciate the subtle calming effect of a keyboard freed from the confinement of its cold black letters.


7. Abstract Wreath

Business Holiday Cards - Abstract Wreath
You know abstraction is working when you’re not quite sure what you’re looking at.

The “Christmas” edition of Abstract Wreath is a great way to blend the more traditional holiday greeting with a modern design without going too far out on a limb. Get it? Anyways, this business holiday card is perfect for engineering firms (it kinda looks like a gear, right?), home decor retailers, real estate agents, and anyone who wants to play it safe this year.


8. Howliday Dog Pack

Business Holiday Cards Howliday Dog Pack
The antlers are a nice touch, eh?

If your company is one of those new age enlightened workplaces that welcome dogs, feelings, and occasional tears of joy, then Howliday Dog Pack is your custom holiday card for 2018. If you’re doing your job well, you know your customers better than they know themselves. Will this make them laugh with you and love at you well into next year?


9. Peace of Quiet

Business Holiday Cards - Peace of Quiet
No phones. No screens. Just toasty warm pockets.

This is actually the best holiday card on the list for tech companies. Peace of Quiet perfectly captures the moment that makes all the hours in front of the computer worthwhile. Get out there this winter and send a card that celebrates logging off, shutting down, and taking a long walk to nowhere in particular.


We love ordering custom holiday cards through Minted because you get unlimited digital proofs at no extra charge and the quality of their paper stock and printing is second to none. They send them out on schedule too!

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