Who’s The Giftler & Why Do I Care?

The Giftler is Devin and Devin is The Giftler.

Inspired by a secretive character named The Once-ler at the heart of Dr Seuss’ The Lorax, The Giftler was created by Devin Redmond to highlight the many wonderful goods offered by individuals and small businesses across all fifty states.

When you purchase gifts and other items directly from these builders, artists, and creatives, you nourish that essentially American style of risk-taking that drives someone to leave their 9-5 job and strike out on their own.

The Giftler encourages you to embrace the joys of gift-giving while also tipping your hat to the personal and social benefits of moderation. Instead of consumerism run amok, we offer consumerism with surprise, restraint, and support for the underdog.

Give it a try!

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Note that you will of course find many product links to Amazon and other large retailers. Sometimes you need it fast. Sometimes what you need just isn’t available from anyone else. Sometimes you have to be practical instead of infinitely principled. That’s moderation at work.

Devin’s Expertise & Qualifications

Devin co-founded a creative studio called Leafcutter Designs in 2011. The successful venture produced the best-selling Letters to My… series of gift books, which have now sold over two million copies around the world.

You can reach Devin via email at: devin (at) thegiftler (dot) com.